Josh Gad's Review of Frozen 2 Will Melt Your Heart

"You have never seen Anna and Elsa like this," the actor said on Instagram.

By kelli boyle Oct 15, 2019 11:52 AMTags
Josh Gad, Frozen 2 Cast Screening 2019Instagram

Some sequels are worth waiting for.

Josh Gad revealed on Monday night that he, along with fellow cast members Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and more, finally got to see their first screening of the highly anticipated Frozen 2, and the chilly flick officially has Olaf's stamp of approval!

"Tonight after three years of coming in and working in a booth by ourselves [opposite] our brilliant directors @alittlejelee and Chris Buck, we FINALLY got to see the finished product for the first time," Gad said on Instagram. "To say it was worth the wait would be an understatement."

The photo showed the 38-year-old actor standing proud with Bell, Menzel, Evan Rachel WoodAlfred Molina and members of the film's creative team in front of life-sized Anna and Elsa statues.

"There is so much I want to tell you but so little I can tell you," he continued. "I laughed, I gasped, I applauded and I wept. #frozen2 is stunning and surprising in many ways."

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And his rave review didn't end there! The Beauty and the Beast actor said the story of sisterly love is sure to thaw all of our frozen hearts.

"On top of the return of your favorite characters and the introduction of some wonderful new ones," he said, "this is a story first and foremost about the undying love of two sisters (and boy are these the women the world needs right now.) You have never seen Anna and Elsa like this. I cannot wait to share this movie with my daughters and with the world. Get ready to step into the Unknown."

Also at the screening was Dax Shepard! Bell's longtime love posted a photo of him kissing the Anna statue on the cheek, bragging that he got to see the film ahead of its release.

"Bad news to all my moto-buddies and gearhead Bros," Shepard wrote on Instagram. "I'm seeing Frozen2 before y'all!!!!!"

Don't rub it in! Frozen 2 hits theaters November 22.