Meet Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian's Season 3 Participants!

By Emily Mae Czachor Jun 24, 2019 12:00 PMTags

This year, Khloe Kardashian is helping a brand-new group of people get back to happy. 

Gearing up for Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian's third season—whose premiere kicks off Sunday, July 7—get acquainted with the brave participants looking to better their minds and bodies in and out of the gym this summer. With support from Khloe and her attentive team of workout professionals, health coaches, glam gurus and the like, these 17 people will take big steps to reignite their confidence, restore their health and start putting themselves first. 

From Ashley and Amber, 21-year-old twins still grappling with the loss of both parents, to Javier, a father of two determined to get his health in order so he can better care for his kids, Revenge Body's third season promises grit, emotion and inspiration to boot.

Proving Your Family Wrong

And while the season will feature a roster of predominantly new people, audiences might recognize one familiar face in the participant pool. Remember Allison? Her first turn on Revenge Body unfolded in season 2, but she returns this year with a vengeance—and a relative too!

Meet all the participants below!


In a lifelong attempt to please his conservative father, Deeran spent years hiding his sexuality and finds himself stuck with a serious case of guilt and self-loathing in adulthood. With help from celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, Khloe hopes Deeran will find the strength to better his body and courage to finally live his truth—whether his dad approves of it or not.

Amber & Ashley

After losing both parents before their 20th birthday, twins Ashley and Amber struggled to cope and found comfort in food. Endeavoring to restore their support system, Khloe saddles the warmhearted siblings with a new kind of family at Training Mate, where seasoned workout pro Luke Milton shows them how to reclaim their physical health and happiness, too.


Logan has always felt insecure about his weight, and the fact that his older brother bullied him for it while they were growing up didn't make it easier. One broken neck, an extended stay at probation camp and 100 pounds later, Logan meets Khloe. The make-over guru sets him up with no-nonsense trainer Corey Calliet, who encourages Logan to leave the past behind and move forward. 


When Amy's daughter was kicked off an amusement park ride because mom couldn't accompany her, she knew it was time for a change—not just in size, but in attitude as well. With Khloe's guidance and trainer Gunnar Peterson's motivation, Amy hopes to stop hiding behind her weight and make her kid proud (something says she's done that already). 


When Eddie learned his first love was cheating with another guy, he fell back into old habits and spiraled into a dangerous pattern of self-hatred, body shame and food restriction. Khloe pairs him with fitness instructor and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden, who helps Eddie regain his physical strength and hopes doing so will give him the emotional strength to confront his unfaithful ex once and for all. 

Kay Richae

Kay Richae has been through a lot. When her husband left two weeks after their second child passed away in infancy, the single mom closed herself off to love and romance. But with added support from Khloe and celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer, Kay Richae hopes to heal from past trauma, redraw her newly problematic relationship to food and finally put herself out there again. 


Javier put years of gang violence behind him after his two daughters and two sons were born. But when unexpected heartache rocked his family, the father of two started jeopardizing his body in whole new way. With Khloe and trainer Leyon Azubuike cheering him on, Javier hopes to re-purpose his street fighting skills in the boxing ring. 


After losing her husband to a deadly car accident two years ago, Carolina put everything on hold. Now, Khloe hopes celebrity trainer and health coach Latreal Mitchell can help Carolina find the courage to start living her life again. 


With years of too-strict, ultimately ineffective diets under his belt, Sean is ready to get his body in shape. But after decades spent repressing his sexuality, his deep-seated fear of being vulnerable could put Khloe and trainer Gunnar Peterson in a tough spot. 


When Annie's father passed away suddenly, she abandoned what had been her lifelong dream to pursue a career as a professional dancer. To get Annie back on her feet, Khloe solicits the help of trainer Simone—who's a former professional dancer herself—in the hopes that her influence will catch on.


Weeks before she was due to give birth, Terra found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. The newly single mom tried numbing her feelings with food, but she's ready to ditch that habit (and the memories of her ex too) with help from Khloe and celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese. 


Still reeling from a traumatic event during her adolescence, Alexandria wants to stop using food as a crutch and face her skeletons head-on. Hoping to prompt Alexandria's personal growth and mend the strained relationship she has with her mother in the process, Khloe introduces her to trainer Ashley Borden. 


A toxic relationship with her father meant Hayley grew up feeling afraid. To cope during her upbringing, she sought comfort in food. And while Khloe hopes trainer Corey will be able help Hayley tackle that, she also believes the new participant needs to confront her father if she really wants to move forward. 

Allison & Kim

Season two participant Allison is back—and she brought her mom this time! Kim joins her daughter in the gym and takes note as trainer Latreal whips them both into shape. 


As a child, Ariel remembers fielding lots of nasty comments about her size. Now, as a mother, she worries her two-year-old daughter will learn unhealthy eating habits from watching her. With Khloe and trainer Harley Pasternak's encouragement, Ariel hopes to become the all-around role model for her little girl she knows she can be.