Khloe Kardashian is back on her guru game—and she's got backup!

Viewers who watched Revenge Body's first two seasons know its titular lifestyle adviser has help coaching each season's participants through their respective 12-week transformations. And not from just anybody, either. When it comes to professional trainers, Khloe enlists the best of the best. So before diving into Revenge Body's next wave of redemption stories when it returns July 7 for season 3, catch up with the celebrity fitness instructors slated to steer its upcoming contenders down curated paths toward health and happiness.

This year, veteran workout guides Corey Calliet, Latreal Mitchell, Simone De La Rue and more will be joined on Revenge Body by a couple of newbies for another round of butt-kicking (the well-meaning kind). Audiences will get to know the gym's newest additions more thoroughly this summer. 

But for those who want to get a head start on introductions, learn a little bit about the Revenge Body training team's latest additions Leyon Azubuike and Autumn Calabrese below. And find out what your returning trainer favorites are getting up to these days ahead of the new season premiere! 

Gunnar Peterson, Revenge Body

Gunnar Peterson

Luke Milton, Revenge Body S3, Trainers

Instagram/Luke Milton

Latreal Mitchell, Revenge Body S3, Trainers

Instagram/Latreal Mitchell

Harley Pasternak, Revenge Body S3, Trainers

Instagram/Harley Pasternak

Corey Calliet, Revenge Body S3, Trainers

Instagram/Corey Calliet

Simone De La Rue, Revenge Body, Meet the Trainers,


Nicole Winhoffer, Revenge Body S3, Trainers

Instagram/Nicole Winhoffer

Leyon Azubuike, Revenge Body,

Instagram/Leyon Azubuike

Ashley Borden, Revenge Body, Meet the Trainers

Instagram/Ashley Borden

Autumn Calabrese, Revenge Body S3, Trainers

Instagram/Autumn Calabrese

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