Best Picture Tournament: Vote for Which of the Final Two Oscar-Winning Films Deserves the Crown

By Johnni Macke Feb 19, 2019 3:52 PMTags
Titantic, The GodfatherTwentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here...the final round for our Best Picture Tournament has begun!

After two weeks of voting, and somehow narrowing down the last 50 years of Academy Award winners for Best Picture, we now have the top two films for you to vote on. Week after week, these two movies beat out top competitors until there were only two remaining.

Last week, Titanic battled it out against The Silence of the Lambs and won to earn them a spot in this round. The Godfather on the other hand had to take on Forrest Gump, and like Forrest's (Tom Hanks) mamma always said, life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get!

Now, we have the ultimate face-off in the form of a vote between Titanic and The Godfather and we have no idea which one will come out on top.

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Will it be Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose's (Kate Winslet) love story that earns their film the honor of being dubbed the best of the Best Picture winners? Or, will the Italian gangster family and their love of pasta, one another and power reign supreme?

Will you leave the gun and take the cannoli, or will you never let go, Jack?! 

Both films are clearly iconic, but there can only be one the champion and now is the time for you to tell us which movie you think deserves to be the final film standing.

Thank you for voting, this round is now closed.

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