The Bachelor Did Not Jump Over the Fence This Week & We're Mad

All we want to do is to see the Bachelor jump over the fence!

By Lauren Piester Feb 12, 2019 3:21 AMTags
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All season of The Bachelor, we've been waiting for one thing: Colton's fence jump.

During a promo after the first episode, we saw Colton throwing himself over a tall fence like it was no big thing. We got only the vaguest, most puzzling answers about the moment from Colton and from Chris Harrison afterwards, with Chris marveling at Colton's athleticism. 

"I thought I had him boxed in because of the fence. Little did I know, I did not, and I was dealing with an NFL athlete that could easily make waste of that fence," he said. "Usually with these Bachelors I can keep up with them, Colton I cannot keep up with." 

This week, Twitter made it seem as if we were finally getting that fence jump. Twitter lied. 

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It turns out the fence jump is next week, and it does look like it might come pretty soon after the way things ended tonight, with Colton confused and fed up after the departure of yet another girl who tried to tell her there were women remaining who weren't there for those ever important right reasons. Another girl (Sydney?) had also left of her own accord earlier, and he had just sent home Demi, and at the very beginning of the episode, he was still dealing with a fight between two girls from last week's episode, so the guy was going through a lot tonight. 

Would it have been too much to ask for them to at least end the episode on that jump?! 

Colton Underwood himself had heavily implied that the jump was happening tonight, with this tweet: 

Twitter, upon discovering that the fence jump did not in fact air tonight, was not so thrilled with this deception. 

There were Ja Rule memes and Bachelor gifs used. 

People threatened to jump fences themselves. 

The Office proved helpful in expressing frustration. 

We really just wanna have a good time and watch the Bachelor jump over a fence, and that doesn't feel like too much to ask. Geez, ABC. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m., and allegedly, next week, Colton will jump that fence.