Despite starring on two television series and the release of a chart-topping debut solo album, Nick Jonas still pays rent. 

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the "Levels" crooner revealed that writes checks out to the queen of daytime talk herself. 

"I don't know if anyone knows this probably not, but I am your landlord," DeGeneres proclaimed, adding that the 23-year-old Jonas brother always pays on time. 

As for the conditions of the place since DeGeneres opened her doors, Jonas insisted he's taking every precaution. 

"I have everyone that comes in my house uses a coaster so there's no rings on the tables which is good," he added.

Luckily, DeGeneres gifted the musical hunk with a set of her own customized coasters and later rolled out a set of saran-wrapped couches—you know, just in case. 

"I'm so nervous though the whole time I'm there because I know I'm gonna come on the show and check in and if anything's wrong with the house it's bad," Jonas admitted. 

Fortunately for DeGeneres, there's always that "healthy deposit" to cover any damages. 

Nick Jonas, Olivia Culpo

Courtesy Hyde Bellagio

DeGeneres wasn't content talking only about real estate, so she switched gears to the crooner's complicated love life, asking how he's coping after his split from former Miss USA Olivia Culpo.

"It's an adjustment. I was with my ex now for two years and then when my life dramatically changed and I started touring and doing all these projects it was an adjustment kind of doing it alone." 

"You don't seem to be alone," DeGeneres quipped back. "There's someone who ends up being in the same city as you all the time coincidentally."

The Emmy winner was alluding to Kate Hudson, who has been linked to the sexy singer since rumors sprung of a hook-up in September when the pair was allegedly spotted at Disney World. Both Jonas and Hudson have continued to deny they're a thing. 

"I'm never alone," Jonas spurted on the cuff. "I have you."

We have to give it to him—at least he had a charming comeback ready. Swoon. 

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