Kate Hudson Does Not Confirm or Deny Nick Jonas Dating Rumors: Find Out What She Did Say About the Singer

"I don't like addressing any kind of gossip," the Rock the Kasbah actress says on Watch What Happens Live

By Zach Johnson Oct 21, 2015 11:48 AMTags
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Let's not beat around the bush!

"Are the rumors true that you're dating Nick Jonas?" a Watch What Happens Live viewer asked Kate Hudson after calling in to Bravo's late-night show Tuesday night. The Rock the Kasbah star laughed at the question as host Andy Cohen pleaded for an answer. "No. 1! This is all I wanna know! Here's my feeling: you are so hot! I have seen you in person now a couple times. You are so hot. Nick Jonas has been here a couple times. He's so hot. I love it when hot people are together. It is my favorite thing!" he said. "I hope something's happening, even if it's casual."

"I don't like addressing any kind of gossip," Hudson said.

"Let me ask you this…" Cohen prodded.

"But let's keep going!" Hudson said with a laugh.

"No, no, no. This is outside of that," Cohen insisted. "If you're just seen somewhere with someone and there's photographs, how annoying is it that it's [blown up]?"

"I mean, my agent has been my mystery man maybe 25 times," the actress said. In fact, just hours earlier, Hudson's agent Michael Kives denied speculation that they are an item. The two had been photographed holding hands outside of a Manhattan nightclub Monday night, which fueled the fire. "Honestly, you can't hug someone or talk to someone without it ending up being a thing," Hudson said.

Hudson didn't want to discuss Jonas again, but Cohen did. "I just want to reiterate that it is my wish for you for that to happen in some capacity," he said.

"I'll keep that in the back of my mind," she replied.

"Just know I am wishing that for you!" Cohen said.

"Thank you," Hudson said as she took a sip of her drink.

Jonas wasn't the only famous person Hudson was asked about Tuesday. During the Watch What Happens Live after-show, a viewer wanted more insight into her relationship with her famous mother, Goldie Hawn. "I think overall what my mom embodies is where you find your joy, where you find the things in your life that make you feel grounded and good about who you are, and your confidence and everything, and being authentic. She's a 'you live once' kind of person, which is infectious and sort of bleeds into all of us in the family. We're a 'family first' family, so if there's any advice that my whole family, my mom and my dad, it's really like, family is everything. That needs to be in place and that becomes the foundation of everything in your life. We have such a solid, rooted family that everything that may go on around it just seems minuscule compared to what we share as a family," said Hudson, who added that the movie star is her "best friend on the planet."

"It's funny because I'm a very different person than her, but she's given me so many tools. My mom is optimistic by nature. I'm a little bit more cynical. My mom's the compassionate one. I'm like all fire. I like a debate," said Hudson, who was raised by Hawn and actor Kurt Russell. "As I've gotten older, we've sort of learned from each other, do you know what I mean? We've kind of taken some of those things and I feel like as I've gotten older, I actually now understand how to get to that place in your life, because it's not something that just happens. It takes a lot of work to get that place where you feel that kind of freedom. I could talk about this forever!"

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