New Girl, 2013

Fox/Alexei Hay

 Buckle up, New Girl fans—we're taking a trip to flashback city!

The Fox hit's frequent strolls down memory lane are one of our favorite things about our favorite series, which means New Girl's winter return, airing tomorrow night, is already one of our favorite episodes of the season. Why, you ask? Because Fat Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is back, along with flashback versions of all of beloved characters. Huzzah!

"Jess has a job decision to make," Lamorne Morris previews in our exclusive sneak peek of "Stuck in the Bar." And her loft buds decide to help her with her "pickle," with Morris previewing, "We all know Jess to be a teacher, so we all start to give her advice. "

So how do they give her this advice? By recalling memories of how they ended up in their jobs, natch.

Fans will be happy to know that tomorrow night's episode is quite similar to a season two standout. "This episode is much like the 'Virgins' episodes," Max Greenfield says. "Instead of how the characters lost their virginity, we get to see the origins of their jobs and some of their careers."

While the flashbacks are sure to bring the laughs (Good to see you as always, Fat Schmidt!), they "will also answer a lot of questions" about who the characters are now, Morris says.

Oh, and we learn that before Schmidt went into marketing, he was a volunteer candy striper at a hospital because of course he was.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek at "Stuck in the Bar" to get more scoop on the episode from the cast...and to see Winston's (Morris) hilarious flashback hairstyle!

New Girl airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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