Mindy McCready, Portrait

Debbie Egan-Chin/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

The day before her tragic death, country singer Mindy McCready had an emotional conversation with Danno Hanks, her private investigator and friend who taped their phone calls. 

Just over a month ago, David Wilson, McCready's boyfriend and the father of her second child, died of a gunshot wound, and in this exclusive audio clip E! News obtained from the country singer's last recorded conversation with Hanks, she recounts the experience of finding Wilson dead in his Heber Springs, Ark. home.

"He was lying on the ground with his brains all over the floor," McCready says. "And then I held him and I kissed him and I told him I forgave him. And I said, 'David, none of this means anything. You didn't have to do this. Please, don't die. Please. We love you so much. Please don't die.'"

Though it was reported that the gunshot wound that killed Wilson was self-inflicted, local and state authorities are still trying to piece together what happened before they put the case to bed and the County Sheriff refused to confirm or deny if McCready was a suspect.

 The singer, when asked directly by NBC News if she shot Wilson, replied, "Oh my God, no. Oh my God, no."

During the conversation, which the "Guys Do It All the Time" singer knew was being recorded, McCready says Wilson "didn't die for two hours,"  but she was unable to go to the hospital with him "because they were too concerned about the f-cking GSR (gunshot residue) test, which could've taken three seconds. They could have rubbed it on my hands and I could've gone with him."

An emotional McCready adds that they "kept me from spending two hours with him that would've been the most precious hours of my life with him." 

"But he was trying to tell me something," McCready continues. "He was grabbing me and trying to talk. Of course he couldn't talk at that point, half of his brain was on the floor."

On Feb. 6, both of McCready's sons, 6-year-old Zander and 9-month-old Zayne, were placed in foster care when she entered a mental health and substance abuse treatment facility under court order. She was released to outpatient treatment a day later.

McCready talks about having her custody revoked during the conversation, saying, "Then they come and take my kids after this… while we're all trying to heal and everybody's trying to get over this was the cruelest, most awful situation I've ever seen. I just can't imagine it."

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