Sometimes working out is a family affair!

On this week's episode of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian meets Rocco, who has been struggling with his weight since childhood. With a family history of diabetes and heart attacks, Rocco is serious about getting healthy not only for himself, but for his family.

"My dad's my hero you know? I want him to get healthy because my biggest fear is to lose my dad," Rocco confessed.

Khloe set Rocco up with celebrity trainer, Luke Milton. It wasn't long before Rocco felt like giving up, but Luke encouraged him to keep going and reminded him who he's doing this for.

Rocco stuck with Luke's training and diet plan but fell off track when he turned to sugary chocolate milk as a cheat snack, slowing his results down drastically.

Revenge Body 2, Before and After, Rocco


The real turn around came when Khloe flew Rocco's dadRocky, out to L.A. to be by his side throughout the Revenge Body process in hopes that doing this together would motivate Rocky to get active.

"I want him to feel loved and I want him to believe in himself again. I don't need anything else from him, I just want him to take care of himself," Rocco stressed.

Rocco revealed his 40-pound weight loss to a room filled with family and friends who got to see the once-depressed Rocco turn into the Rocky he always wanted to be.

"My son looks fantastic. It makes me proud of him. Now I want to be him," Rocky said.

Jen started out wanting to be a bikini competitor. While she admitted that she was much more fit in her 20s, it was her relationship with her ex Mark, which ended in infidelity, that led her to gain weight and lose self-confidence.

"It made me feel like I wasn't skinny enough or I wasn't fit enough and it started to make me doubt that I was worth any guy sticking around," Jen revealed.

Jen teamed up with master trainer Ashley Borden. She kept up the workouts, but the weight wasn't coming off. After running some health and fitness tests, Ashley and Jen discovered that in order for her to start losing weight, Jen had to drastically up her calorie intake and once she did, the weight melted off!

Not only did she start losing weight, Jen started to regain strength, confidence and the ambition of a fighter.

Revenge Body 2, Before and After, Jennifer


"So from now on you are no longer a victim, you're a what?" Ashley asked. "I'm a fighter!" Jen exclaimed.

At her big reveal, Jen confronted Mark, who was shocked to learn that Jen was getting revenge on him.  While he claims her weight never mattered to him, he apologized and vowed to stay friends with his former flame.

"I'm always gonna be your friend. I can be a far better friend than I can be anything else," Mark promised.

Catch up on the episode with the recap video above!

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