Revenge Body Participant Wants to Get in Shape to Compete in a Bikini Competition in 12 Weeks

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 15, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Jennifer Reveals Her Insecurities to Khloe Kardashian

The competition is steep! 

On this week's episode of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer may prove to be Khloe Kardashian's biggest challenge yet. Not only does she want to get in shape, but she's looking to compete in a fitness competition by the end of her journey on the show, which only gives her 12 weeks! 

"My dream has been to be a bikini competitor," she tells Khloe right off the bat. "I was thinner throughout my twenties. I had a trainer, I ate good, I worked out, but then I gained about 40 pounds." She's got some big goals and lucky for her, she came to the right place. 

Jennifer's not only here to crush some physical obstacles, she also has some emotional baggage she's carrying with her. "All my relationships in the past I've been cheated on," she reveals. "When you look at the other girls, you start looking at what they have that you don't. The only conclusion I could come to was, it's my weight."

It definitely doesn't help that in her last relationship, not only was she cheated on, but it turns out that she was the other woman. "Mark is somebody that I dated while I was on the east coast," Jennifer explains. "When I met him I felt at my healthiest, and about four months into the relationship he had started disappearing and it turned out that his girlfriend was in California." 


She may have ended things romantically with Mark, but she's still not over it. "After I broke it off with him, it just made me think, why am I never good enough?" she shares. 

With Khloe's help, she's channeling her pain into the energy she needs to achieve her goals. "I think what hurt the most is my own insecurities coming out," Jennifer says. "It made me feel like I wasn't skinny enough or I wasn't fit enough and it started to make me doubt that I was worth any guy sticking around."

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