Here's Proof Katharine McPhee Is the Ultimate Twitter MVP

The actress and singer knows how to keep it real

By Cydney Contreras Oct 09, 2018 1:53 AMTags
Katharine McPhee, 2018 Met Gala, Red Carpet FashionsEvan Agostini/Invision/AP

Katharine McPhee is the queen of keeping it real.

The singer made reference to the many moments she has had in her career and personal life over the years in a meme from Key & Peele. While most of the references in the meme are hilarious, one of the funniest ones is her labeling of future step-daughters Sara and Erin Foster as a mother and child.  

This wasn't the first time the actress displayed a self-deprecating sense of humor. On Twitter she frequently pokes fun at different moments in her career, like losing American Idol to Taylor Hicks and to marrying David Foster, who is 34 years her senior. Even her future step-daughters joke about the large age difference, as frequently seen on Instagram.

Most recently, McPhee jokingly told Erin, "Mommy and Daddy need alone time," after Erin commented that she wished she was invited on Kat and David's vacation to Canada. It's all in good humor though, with even Sara admitting "She's wonderful."

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Katharine McPhee & David Foster: Romance Rewind

Katharine put her own stamp on the meme from Key & Peele by making reference to the ups and downs she has had in her career. Clearly, she doesn't exactly look back fondly on certain moments in her career... like when she had blonde hair.

She showed she can relate to the struggle of waiting for a new season of Smash, even after five years have passed. 

Katharine somewhat made it to Broadway when she starred on Smash, and earlier this year she made her return to the stage with Waitress. It's safe to say Kat still has a special place in her heart for Smash

It's also safe to say she hasn't gotten over losing season five of American Idol to Taylor Hicks

Katharine is marrying David Foster, which will make her the step-mom to Sara and Erin Foster, who are at least two years her senior. But, hey, at least she's looking at the bright side of things. 

This tweet needs no explanation. 

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