Meet the New School of Celebrity Brow Trends

Guess what? Thin eyebrows are back!

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The history of iconic celebrity brows has seen quite the evolution.

While pencil thin and the untamed unibrow used to be all the rage, nowadays more natural, feathered looks (a.k.a. the boy brow) or super-precise, dramatic eyebrows seem to reign Instagram feeds. Don't fret—you don't need Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins-like face-framers to make a statement.

There are a few new brow trends that are ruling the red carpet. Of course, it's best to work with your natural shape and hair texture (read: If you have straight brows with fine hair, don't try to create intense arches with unruly strands). But there are a few new celeb-inspired looks that you can achieve without having to grow a new set of strands.

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To see the new It brow looks, keep scrolling. 

The Thinner Brow

Not quite as thin as what we saw in the '90s with those penciled-in Baywatch brows, Bella Hadid's versions are a tad taller in height, less pigmented and look ever-so effortless to match her model-off-duty looks. 

The Anti-Boy Brow

We know. We know. Thanks to Glossier's best-selling brow gel and Cara Delevingne, the more natural, slightly unruly, feathered look is all the rage right now. On the flip side, there is precision at its best, meaning every stroke is defined and every hair fans out in an outward motion, like a peacock!

The Microbladed Brow

By now, you probably know about microblading, the semi-permanent technique that basically tattoos fine hair-like strokes on your face, leaving you with a more natural look than those bulky, blocky iterations of the early aughts. If you're like Bella, you're a fan of the precise, pigmented symmetrical look, which eventually fades. Think of all the time you could save from not having to do your brows every day. At the same time, if you're a little squeamish, there are products that give you lasting results…just not as lasting. 

The Manicured Brow

There's a reason why you make those brow appointments: Not only do you want to maintain shape; you want a clean look, too. No one knows this better than Ciara, who basically has perfectly manicured brows at all times. Every hair is in its place, but also, if you look closely, you'll notice her strands are cut short. Think of this trend like a freshly mowed lawn; every grass leaf is at the perfect length. 

The Fringe-Friendly Brow

Whether you have long, straight brows or ones that slightly curve, like Camila Cabello's, layer on the pigment if you have bangs. Your head hair will either provide the perfect balance or contrast to your face-framers, creating a layered effect. Basically, this look is perfect for those who prefer bold brows.

The Fixed Brow

Who needs Botox? Do you want lasting brows that look amazing in every single picture...and never seem to move? You want Ariana Grande's motionless face-framers. The easiest way to attain this look? Pull your hair in a super-snatched pony. Not only will it lift your skin but keep your brows fixed, too. 

The In-to-Out Brow

Most celebrity makeup artists will tell you to start at the arch or bottom of the brow when penciling them in, leaving the inner front portion of the brow less drawn-in while gradually getting more pigmented as the brow extends to the arch and ends. However, this latest trend, seen on Amanda Seyfried, stars off strong and leaves the brow tails looking less dramatic. In a nut shell, your brows should not be one solid color—dimension, people!

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