Kristin Cavallari's Best Reality TV Moments Ahead of Her Very Cavallari Premiere

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Fans have grown up with Kristin Cavallari on screen and luckily her reality TV journey isn't over just yet.

In fact, the True Roots cookbook author has another reality series coming your way this summer. Very Cavallari will follow the mother of three's life in Nashville, Tennessee, dive into her mom life and focus on the opening of her first Uncommon James store, so get ready!

While the series won't take place in The Hills or star Lauren Conrad, the show is bound to be a hit.

The one thing we do know is that it will have some serious drama—it is Cavallari's life after all. The E! fashion correspondent has always had a flare for the dramatics and her TV career proves it...and we can't wait to see what's next.

Kristin Cavallari's Best Looks

During both Laguna Beach and The Hills, the designer brought the drama and we loved her even more for it. Sure, she made a few enemies along the way, but her sass and honest persona is part of why we tuned into both series.

Ahead of her return to reality television we had to relive some of her best moments from reality show past. Whether it's the way she said her high school sweetheart's name or the feathers she ruffled in L.A., Cavallari was never boring.

Check out her most memorable TV moments thus far and get ready for her new show, which premieres this weekend!

Laguna Beach:


If you don't know who Steeeeph-en is then we don't want to talk to you. Just kidding! Stephen Colletti was Cavallari's boyfriend in high school and whenever she said his name she made it long and overdrawn and we just loved it. In fact, when we meet someone named Stephen we say it this way and we're not mad about it.

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"My car is dunzo!"

Remember when the reality star's car broke down in high school and MTV caught it all on tape? We sure do! It is probably one the greatest moments in reality TV history. Yes, it is that big of a moment. Plus, she was so dramatic about it that we can't help but love her even more.


All of her prom-posals:

Cavallari was clearly ahead of the prom-posals trend when she was asked to prom both junior and senior year of high school. Colletti and then Talan Torriero asked her to the big dance and the ways they did it were so freaking adorable.

Colletti wrote her a letter, which she thought was from someone else and then darted out of her house with "prom?" written on his shirt. It was a little strange, but also really cute. Torriero on the other hand, had buckets of roses by his side as he stood waiting to ask her, which was beyond sweet.

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When she told Jessica the truth about her dating habits:

The designer might've been a little rough around the edges during her reality TV days, but when it came to her friends she always had their backs. She was all about tough love with her BFF Jessica Smith, and she was right.

"I have no sympathy for you because you let it happen," she once told Smith about Jason Whaler and preach, sister! One time she straight up told Jessica he was cheating too, because she just wasn't listening. He was bad news and Cavallari might've come off a little harsh but in reality she was such a good friend.

Stephen and Kristin forever:

While we loved the friendship between Conrad (AKA LC) and Colletti, the real romance between Cavallari and Colletti was too adorable to ignore. Sure, they had their ups and downs, but what high school romance doesn't? Plus, when they had to say goodbye before Colletti left for college our hearts broke along with Cavallari's...and we might've shed a tear or two as well.

Every time she rocked a choker:

We know that chokers were in during the '00s but there is something about the way Laguna Beach High School's Queen B wore them that made them even cooler. Cavallari was sassy and she didn't care who knew it and it showed in her outfit choices.

Side note: her tank top and short-skirt combos were also very on-point style wise.

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The Hills:

"Drama. Drama, drama, drama!"

Come on, the 31-year-old star's one-liners on The Hills were all so good. The way she said, "Drama, drama, drama, drama," on the series and tilted her head with such style and sass will never be forgotten.

Every time she gave someone a well-deserved eye-roll:

If there is one thing we all remember about Cavallari's reality TV days it's that the blonde beauty didn't mess around. If you made her mad she told you off, possibly yelled at you and definitely rolled her eyes. Her eye rolls signified that she was case she didn't say that directly to your face. Oh, and you were officially on her list!

The time she made a major entrance at Spencer and Heidi Pratt's wedding:

Talk about a show-stopping moment. Instead of Conrad passing the torch to Cavallari as the new lead of The Hills, Cavallari took it and lit a giant fire with it. She also looked fierce in her blue jumpsuit as she began her gossip-filled appearance on the series and we really expected nothing less.

"You came at me like f**king piranhas!"

When Stephanie Pratt thought that Cavallari was trying to hit on Justin Bobby things got heated fast on the Beverly Hills based show. "You came at me like f**king piranhas," Cavallari said before she told the group of ladies to come at her. It was so intense and yes, we loved every minute of it.

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The moment she revealed that it really was all fake:

The reality star was always pretty open about the fact that the show was staged. In the end she said her goodbye to Brody Jenner and then showed everyone the truth.

It was all on a TV set and there was no Hollywood sign behind them as she "drove" away in the episode. In typical Cavallari fashion she just laughed it off like it was no biggie and in that moment she cemented herself as the forever bad girl who we loved to love on reality TV.

Well, it's been a fun ride watching the reality star on both shows and we can't wait to see what happens when Nashville gets a piece of the reality TV pro.

One thing's for sure, we love the TV star-turned-fashion mogul and we hope she never changes!

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