TV Scoop Awards 2018: Vote for the Best Couple and Sexiest Moment

Voting closes Friday, June 29 at 5 pm PT

By TV Scoop Team Jun 16, 2018 12:00 AMTags
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It's the poll you've all been waiting for!

The race for best TV couple is officially on, accompanied by the race for sexiest moment of the past year. That means things are getting steamy up in these TV Scoop Awards, and they're gonna stay steamy until all the polls close Friday, June 29.

Based on your nominations, we've compiled a selection of (actual, established) TV couples and a less established collection of sexy moments from anyone and everyone, established or no.

In fact, last year's sexiest moment came from that time Bellamy caressed Clarke's face on The 100, despite the fact that their relationship status remains just friends. 

Arrow's Oliver and Felicity were named the Best Couple, and they've since gotten married. Whether they can win again is all up to you...

TV Scoop Awards 2017: The Full List of Winners

Tomorrow, things are getting real with our best reality star and show. Those polls will go live at noon PT, so keep an eye on @eonlineTV on Twitter. 

You can already vote for best comedy and best dramabest drama actingbest comedy acting, and best breakout stars, so don't forget to cast your votes for those too!

All polls are now closed. Thanks for voting! Winners will be announced Monday, July 2. 

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