Sarah Jessica Parker, People

Courtesy of People

Sarah Jessica Parker believes her public feud with Kim Cattrall is one-sided.

In People's Feb. 26 issue, out Friday, Parker discusses her highly publicized rift with her former Sex and the City co-star. Last year, Cattrall said she would not return for a third movie, despite mounting pressure from her co-stars. Describing her relationships with Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Parker as "toxic," she added that Parker, in particular, "could have been nicer" about her decision to opt out. By saying no, Cattrall argued, she was portrayed as a "demanding" diva.

Parker, who also produced the first two movies, sees it differently.

"I never talked about it, except [to say] that some of us were disappointed [about the movie not happening]," Parker says. "But I never responded to the conversation Kim had with Piers Morgan, where she said things that were really hurtful about me. We had this experience and it was amazing, and nothing will ever be like it. We had a connection with an audience, and we had a connection with the city and with this crew, and we got to tell these crazy stories with each other. So I don't want to mess with that. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing that part."

Parker insists that the perceived "fight" between herself and Cattrall was "completely fabricated, because I actually never responded." She has no plans to respond to Cattrall—at least not publicly—since "she needed to say what she needed to say, and that is her privilege."

Last week, Parker expressed her condolences after Cattrall's brother went missing and was later found dead. Less than 24 hours after Parker's interview with People, however, Cattrall slammed her co-star on Instagram, accusing her of "exploiting" her tragedy "to restore your 'nice girl' persona." According to the magazine, Parker is not responding to the grieving actress' message.

Not that it matters, as Cattrall publicly reminded her, "You are not my friend."

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