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What's the key to getting over a sad breakup? For Demi Lovato, it may just be breaking a sweat in the gym.

Less than two weeks after the "Cool for the Summer" singer and Wilmer Valderrama announced they were splitting after six years of dating, some fans have noticed a pattern in Demi's routine.

No, she's not wallowing around her house. And she's certainly not saying bad things about her close friend. Instead, the beloved singer is working out like never before.

Whether documenting her days on Instagram or Snapchat, Demi has shown fans that working on her health and fitness has helped her get through a public breakup. Just this afternoon, the former Disney star shared a selfie in a robe with the caption, "Workout #1 Done."

With a bit of research, we quickly learned this is just the beginning of a fitness journey that has picked up in recent weeks.

Exactly one week after news broke about the breakup, Demi managed to document two workouts in a span of four hours.

Just a few days earlier, followers discovered the singer at the gym before taking in a late-night studio session. When waking up the next morning after 8 a.m., her first stop was...wait for it...the gym! On June 8, Demi continued to post that she was on workout number three with a man named Jay while using the hashtag #trainingcamp. In other words, the woman can't stop! 

While many of the routines remain a secret, one activity Demi is trying out is something totally new to her.

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"What's up guys, this is Orlando. He's teaching me jujitsu," she shared on Snapchat June 9 before her trainer added, "She's going to be the baddest woman on the planet." On other occasions, she was seen doing 75-pound squats on the power plate and boxing with a trainer.

To be fair, Demi has never been one to shy away from the gym. Back in 2015, the 23-year-old talked about how working out can provide great benefits.

"Wait…So you mean to tell me eating healthy and working out works??? Who woulda thunk," she joked on Twitter. "I'm a boss at work and I'm a bitch in the gym….#Unapologetic #Bossbitch."

As she likes to sing: What's wrong with being confident and cool for the summer gym?

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