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Kendra Wilkinson-Basket turns 31 today, and we are still in awe over how exciting she made 30 look.

Between rebuilding her marriage, being a mama to two kids, rekindling a feud with longtime frenemy Holly Madison and filming the fifth season of Kendra on Top, it's a wonder she had any time to herself. But that just meant more memorable Kendra moments for the rest of us.

So in honor of her birthday, we thought it was just the right time to look back at her biggest moments from the past year.

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1. Rebuilding Her Bond With Hank: Kendra and husband Hank Baskett's marriage seems to be in a strong place, as evidenced by this recent Instagram photo that Kendra captioned, "#nationalbestfriends." The couple's seven-year marriage has endured many ups and downs and made many headlines. But through the power of therapy, communication, and forgiveness (not to mention a little Marriage Boot Camp), the couple is looking as solid as ever. They're currently featured in the second issue of Love& magazine, which covers "everything after I do." How's that for a turnaround?!

2. Rocking Our World...and Beyond: We've got to give it up to Kendra on her music video for "Lost in Space." Her outrageous adaptation of the cult-classic TV series of the same name is bizarrely entertaining and includes her dancing up on a robot. Aspiring pop stars, take note.

3. Moms Just Wanna Have Fun: With her adorable kids, daughter Alijah and son Hank IV, growing up fast, Kendra faced the inevitable responsibilities that come with motherhood this season on Kendra on Top. But that didn't mean a girl doesn't wanna have fun anymore! In this clip, Kendra packs for her anticipated trip to Sundance. "I love being at home and taking care of the kids, there is no better feeling than that," she explained. "That being said, I'm not ready to stop everything and be a housewife right now—I need a thrill in my life. Hank knows I need to party, so getting away to Sundance seems like heaven to me."

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4. A Reignited Feud: Historically, it seems like tell-all books are always the catalyst for major drama. The case this past year between Kendra and fellow former Girl Next Door Holly Madison is no exception. Holly's first book, Down the Rabbit Hole, had some less than positive recollections from her time at the Playboy Mansion, and both Kendra and Hugh Hefner spoke out against Holly's stories, claiming she had "rewritten history." Just when we thought the bad blood was in the past, when Holly was making the rounds in support of her latest book, The Vegas Diaries, Kendra launched into an expletive-rich Twitter rant—which she apologized for, but it only hit re-start on another round of she-said, she-said.

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5. Chef Kendra?: Not exactly. But Kendra gave cooking a strong effort on the Food Network competition show Worst Cooks in America. She finished first runner-up, losing to Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley. Kendra took to Instagram to share a highlight from her time on the show. In a challenge that asked the contestants to make a sandwich that best embodied them, the mom of two explained, "I am spicy, I am sloppy, I'm a hot mess so... sloppy joe?" No word whether Sloppy Joe Sundays are a ritual at the Wilkinson-Baskett household just yet. 

6. Conquering Her Fear of Heights: On a trip to Melbourne, Australia, with longtime friend Jessica Hall, Kendra confronted her fear of heights. The ladies alleviated some anxiety with a shot of tequila (never hurts) and embarked on the Melbourne Star. "I don't want to do it, but I'll do it for Jessica," Kendra said. She explained her fears, "I just don't want this think to break down! I don't want to get stuck in the sky." When all was said and done, both ladies got on the Star and Kendra ultimately overcame her fear of heights. That's what we call friendship goals.

7. Motherhood Is Looking Good: Birthing two babies is a huge physical toll on any woman's body. Kendra has been incredibly open about her fitness journey on social media, posting videos of herself working out and a photo of her stretch marks on Mother's Day. "Look what my 2 babies did," she captioned the photo. "They made me happy. #happymothersday." But obviously all that working out (five days in a row) has payed off, with Kendra looking healthier and feeling happier—and more self-assured—than ever.

Which memorable moment put Kendra on top for you? Let us know in the comments.

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