Scream Queens

Matthias Clamer/FOX

So are you obsessed with Scream Queens yet?

We know most of you haven't seen the pilot, but what we don't know is how you could look at the cast lists, watch those trailers, or listen to us (and everyone else who has seen it) gush endlessly and not already be beyond excited. 

There's not a single character on the show who isn't our new favorite character, and that includes the four main guys, played by Nick Jonas, Diego Boneta, Glen Powell, and the man with the incredible name, Lucien Laviscount

The show is definitely ruled by women, and a lot of spectacular women at that—Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, and Emma Roberts, just to name a few—and they're supported by an excellent cast of dudes who will bring the laughs (and the screams) in ways you're definitely not expecting. 

While we still have to wait a couple of months for the show to premiere, we're happy to bring you your first look at some of your new favorite characters as the guys give you a little introduction into the world of Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens

First, meet Nick Jonas as Boone, who's just a shy guy with a lot of love to give. And Nick Jonas is wearing a bathrobe for some reason. We are not complaining. 

Up next, is Boone's best friend Chad, played by Glen Powell. Chad's just a hot guy who loves the ladies, and he's here to win. #ChadRadwell 

Pete, played by Diego Boneta, might be the show's big sweetheart...or he might be something a little more sinister. He's a hard-working journalist/barista who just wants the truth. 

And finally, meet Earl Grey—our favorite character name, played by our new favorite actor name, Lucien Laviscount. He's from England, he's a fun kind of cat, and we're definitely already madly in love with him. Watch and join us in the lovefest: 

Scream Queens premieres September 22 on Fox. 

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