Welcome to the party some people would kill to get into. Literally. 

OK, we never thought we'd say this EVER but we can't wait for school to start up again. Well, make that fictional school as we're so ready to check out Scream Queens, Ryan Murphy's highly anticipatened new horror-comedy starring Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis, the original Scream Queen herself. 

Thanks to its epic trailer, filled with b---htastic dialogue, bubble-gum colors and guest stars (Nick Jonas! Ariana Grande!), Scream Queens has already become one of our TV obsession (a new record?), and we're exclusively sharing the latest promo for the new Fox series with you. Yep, it's made our growing obsession even worse.

Scream Queens

Steve Dietl/FOX

The latest promo, which officially premiered during Monday's episode of E! News, gives us our first good look at the serial killer targeting the Chanel-wearing sister of the Kappa House sorority: the Red Devil, Wallace University's school mascot. 

Focusing on a party at the Kappa House, the 30-second tease, set cheekily to "Die Tonight," features all of our leading ladies, including a seriously deglamorized Lea Michele (2015's hottest Halloween costume, for sure!), Keke Palmer and Sykler Samuels, indulging in some red Solo cup-fueled revelry, not realizing they are being watched by a certain knife-toting killer. Here's hoping he (or she!) at least  brought along some ice! Also, we're living for every b--chface Emma Roberts makes as Chanel, the president of the sorority. 

Making things even more fun, Scream Queens will be a murder mystery for viewers, with a new character being killed off in every episode as the list of suspects dwindles. 

Scream Queens premieres this fall on Fox. 

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