Jeremy Renner's daughter Ava Berlin is the center of his world.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron star loves his 2-year-old so much, in fact, that everything else takes a backseat to their relationship! On Wednesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 44-year-old actor joked that fatherhood "kind of screwed my career in a lot of ways."

"Because," he clarified, "I don't really care about it [my career] so much, because I care about her [Ava] so much."

"She's like No. 1 in my life," he added. "And now I get to do movies on the side. Daddy's my best role to date, I think."

Renner said being a parent "is the greatest thing in the world," adding jokingly, "And all I had to do was have sex! That's amazing."

DeGeneres pulled up a sweet photo of the daddy-daughter duo that Renner posted to his WhoSay page earlier this year. "Why is she in a bar?" asked the talk show host. "I'm just curious."

"She's German-Irish like her daddy," Renner quipped. "What do you want?"

Ha, well, Renner's family isn't exactly conventional! "I'm the oldest of seven, but there's a giant age gap," he told DeGeneres. "I'm 44, and the youngest is 2."

Yes, two! "My dad had my brother the same week I had my daughter," said Renner. "So it's kind of like my dad's having his own grandkids kind of thing..."

Renner is convinced that his dad's virility bodes well for him, too. Reason being? "I can still, ya know, make things happen later on in life," he said with a smile.

How's that for honesty?! Watch Renner and DeGeneres' humorous back-and-forth in the hilarious clip above.

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens May 1.

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