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Jason Mewes officially became a dad on April Fools' Day—no joke!

On Wednesday at 6:25 a.m., the Jay and Silent Bob star's wife Jordan Monsanto gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Logan Lee Mewes, dad's rep told E! News. Little Logan, the first child for the couple, weighed in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and measured 20 inches long.

Jason's pal and frequent collaborator Kevin Smith didn't just drop by the hospital to meet Logan—he took the Mewes' first photo as a family of three! Luckily Kevin, aka Silent Bob, can provide plenty of insight to his producer pal on raising a daughter—his own baby girl, Harley Quinn Smith, is now a 15-year-old young lady!

Jason Mewes, Logan


And if someday Logan gets bitten by the acting bug, she'll be able to consult with Kevin's daughter on that. Harley's had a handful of cameo appearances as herself in her dad's earlier films (including 2001's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), and she also had a small role in his 2014 film Tusk.

Her big acting debut, however, is coming up in Yoga Hosers. In this indie thriller, due out later this year, Harley and Johnny Depp's daughter Lily Rose-Depp, also 15, reprise their Tusk roles as convenience store clerks. Kevin wrote and directed the flick, and Johnny, his longtime pal, stars alongside the teens as a police detective summoned by the girls to fight an evil force threatening their town.

"Their onscreen chemistry comes courtesy of a lifelong friendship: Harley and Lily have known each other since first grade," Kevin told the Hollywood Reporter last year. "Acting is a job of making choices, and Harley and Lily were making their own character and delivery choices from day one on the flick."

Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith

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"At one point, I pulled them both aside to ask, 'You are making excellent choices without me saying anything. What adult is telling you to do these things behind my back?' The girls said they'd simply learned to act from watching movies and TV shows their whole lives," he said. "But in their case, acting and goofing around is in their blood. And it was thrilling to watch them both take their first steps in what's bound to be a lifelong passion for performance."  

Logan's a newborn, so it's a bit early to start thinking about a possible career in front of the camera, but if she chooses that route someday, she's certainly surrounded by some good people to help point her in the right direction. Until then, though, dad Jason is enjoying her being a newborn. He tweeted a sweet photo of his baby girl sleeping Thursday, writing, "Yo snootch to the NOOTCH world 'I'm LOGAN LEE Mewes' daddy's little girl!! Snikt, Snikt!!" 

Jay won't have any trouble with baby talk!

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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