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The Dome is back and just as confusing (and deadly) as ever. Luckily, it has Teen Wolf to keep it company in "Huh?" land, with giant monsters, mysterious vault robbers and secret staircases to keep us questioningly entertained. Plus, Beauty and the Beast served us some cake (and murder), while tonight's Masterchef was actually weirdly sad. All that and more as we recap the night's biggest TV moments!

Under the Dome: Remember last season when the dome went all loud and blinding? Turns out, it was becoming a giant magnet, which is not good, especially for Linda, who found herself crushed by a car (RIP). The town works to solve the giant magnet problem, first by attempting to build their own giant magnet to counteract the electromagnetism or something. The true solution apparently involves just accepting that the dome is not happy with Big Jim's executions, and dead people start showing up to encourage Big Jim to sacrifice himself. Luckily for Big Jim, just being willing to sacrifice himself is enough to placate the dome, so it's just fine when Julia saves him from suicide. 

Speaking of Julia, she's been wandering around, hanging out with mysterious cabin men named Sam and finding little girls in the lake. The little lake girl was especially creepy, apologizing and cradling Linda's dead body, and looking inside lockers at the school, leading Angie to investigate, leading a mysterious axe-wielder to come up from behind her...

And that's not all! Sam happens to be the brother of Big Jim's wife and Junior's mother, who apparently had committed suicide. However, according to Junior and his unconscious dreams, Pauline is just fine and speaking to him. Big Jim says it's all in his head, but the episode ends with Pauline, dome-free, painting pictures of the dome and watching TV news coverage, also about the dome. So welcome back, crazy show. Our brains are tired already.      

Teen Wolf: What do you do when your sadly deceased friend's previously dead evil aunt comes back to life and turns your adult friend and mentor into a confused teenage werewolf? Hand him over to your veterinarian, of course!

You would think that if anyone could restore baby Derek back to Tyler Hoechlin-ness, it was Deaton, with help from Lydia. However, little Derek had no idea who they were, so when he woke up, he attacked them and ran off to his parents burned-down house.

Scott and Malia took a trip to visit everybody's favorite resurrected and minorly evil dude (and Malia's secret father), Peter Hale, to find out what he knew about Kate, and he deduced that Kate wanted to take Derek back to a time when he knew and trusted her, and didn't remember that she started the fire that killed his parents. 

Of course, the next scene involved Kate showing up at the McCall house and stealing little Derek away. They made out a little bit later, which was a little bit icky, and then uncovered a magical staircase under the Beacon Hills High School sign. Let us repeat: A magical staircase under the Beacon Hills High School sign.

Then Peter, Scott, and Malia found some giant scary monsters called Berserkers, while baby Derek led Kate to the Hale family vault to get her hands on a "little piece of junk" to help control her animal tendencies. Peter showed up and told her it was literally a piece of junk, while Scott and Malia fought off the monsters. Kira showed up to save the day before getting Berserker-slapped, so little Derek showed up to save the day even more with some impressive ninja skills.

Back in the vault, meanwhile, Peter explained to Kate that there was no magical way of controlling the werewolf urges, and then he and Kate got attacked by a flash bomb (is that a thing?) while a sturdy pair of shoes (with legs attached) raided the vault and left.

Baby Derek then magically grew up, golden eyes restored, after fighting off the Berserkers, while Peter cried over his stolen $117 million. Sooo…Teen Wolf is officially back and we're just as fantastically confused as usual. Must be Moonday!

Beauty and the Beast, Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk

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Beauty And The Beast Dang, that was intense! Cat and Gabe went on a cake-decorating date (not the intense part) to get Gabe to call off the reporter threatening to expose Vincent. However, in a classic oops-I-grabbed-the-wrong-cake incident, Gabe overheard Cat's true (and obvious) feelings and went back on their deal. Vincent ended up admitting his altered DNA in a press conference and was taken in for testing.

It turned out that the tests were not ordered by Knox, as Vincent thought, and that there was also a video feed of Gabe's apartment in the control room, allowing him to see that Cat was in that apartment at that very moment, confronting Gabe. She very nearly killed him, and she was quite upset about it, until Vincent showed up to help revive him.

Vincent got a call from Knox that he was exonerated, and when they go back to where Vincent was being held, the room is empty, but he has a flashback to having his blood taken.

Meanwhile, Gabe injected himself with beast serum and ran off to meet with the reporter, who doesn't even believe the Beasts exist, until Gabe shows her by ripping out her heart. Remember when the same guy decorated a cake earlier in this same episode? Television is fun. 

MasterChef: It's a Masterchef first – someone presented a dish they did not cook. It's not quite as dramatic as it sounds (and looked on screen), but it still sucks for Tyler, who was eliminated for accidentally grabbing one of Jaimee's ramekins instead of his own. It was an honest but serious mistake, and it seemed like everybody felt bad about the fact that they had to follow the rules and send Tyler home. Courtney's win – which gives her a huge advantage in the next challenge – was a little bittersweet, even for Courtney. 

So what did you watch tonight? Are you glad to have Under the Dome back? Did you swoon that time Stiles winked at Scott? Are you sad that Tyler was eliminated from Masterchef for such a stupid reason? Head to the comments and discuss!

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