Andi Dorfman, Josh M.

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Tonight, Andi and her man minions are in Brussels, Belgium, and things are getting down to the wire. 

Chris Harrison explains to the guys that this week, there would be one group date and two one-on-ones, but there would be no roses given on the dates. Nick does not care that he got a one-on-one last week – he wants another one this week, gosh darn it!

Marcus gets the first date, because Andi's worried that he would possibly want to leave. They eat mussels (in Brussels) and then they go to dinner, during which Marcus talks about his tough childhood. 

Josh got the next one-on-one, which Nick was not happy with. Generally, Nick is not happy with anything that isn't Nick being with Andi. So genius Nick decides pretend to be Andi's husband so he can show up at Andi's door after her date with Marcus, completely shocking her, to invite her on a walk. While we're rooting for her to shut the door in his face and send him home, they end up making out on the streets of Brussels and waxing poetic about their passionate relationship. Ugh.

Josh is also falling in love with Andi, which he tells her on their one-on-one. They end up making out in a well-lit archway, and then attending a concert. It's tough for Josh to be vulnerable, but he's happy with her response to his love.

For the group date, Andi takes the rest of the guys to explore the countryside of Belgium on small bike trains. They ended up at a monastery, where no kissing was allowed. Brian told Andi he loved her, but Andi gave Nick the group date rose, and we went "ugh!" yet again. Brian, Dylan, and Chris were sent back to the hotel while Andi and Nick continued to snuggle and smooch and we hated it. (We don't like Nick, you guys. Can we bring Marquel back?)

The rest of the guys all agree that Nick is the worst and only cares about strategizing, while Andi gushes about how Nick makes her feel special. We want to barf a little. Or a lot. The guys even confront Nick about his strategizing, while he lounges in his pea coat and scarf, which we are so over. 

At the cocktail party, the guys all make a last ditch effort to get Andi to pick them. Andi worries that Nick has a target on his back because of his rose. Is she afraid the other guys are going to kill him? What exactly does she envision happening? Gross.

At the rose ceremony, Marcus, Josh, and Chris all receive roses, to go along with the one Nick (ugh) already got, meaning that Brian and Dylan are gone. We're sad for Brian, and we feel bad that we've never remembered who Dylan even was.

The remaining dudes toast the their future hometown dates inside the mansion while Dylan and Brian cry. This show is upsetting to us. Please send help.

So what did you think? Did the right guys go home? Are you as skeeved out by Nick as we are? Were you kinda mad that Andi was so ok with him showing up at her hotel room? Head to the comments and discuss!

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