Checking In With All the Former Stars of Below Deck Sailing Yacht

As the crew of Parsifal III sails off into a new season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, we're diving into the reality series' past and checking out what the show's former yachties are up to now.

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Uncork the champagne, polish up the guest cabins and iron your polos because—after some potentially disastrous engine issues—Parsifal III has officially set sail in Sardinia, Italy. Sorta.

On board for another wild ride: Chief engineer Colin Macrae, first mate Gary King, chief stew Daisy Kelliher and all of their post-kiss, will-they-or-won't-they energy

But even though Captain Glenn Shephard has brought the core gang back together for season four of Bravo's Below Deck Sailing Yacht, he did say ciao to some season three favorites like talented chef Marcos Spaziani and his ability to whip up Michelin-star worthy eats even when the yacht is at a full keel. 

And he's not the only crew member to have sailed off into the sunset, with nearly two dozen former deckhands and stews having left behind their polos (and a love for getting sloppy drunk on the flybridge) after just one season of working on the 177-foot vessel. 

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Some took with them fond memories, season one chef Adam Glick's website describing "one entire overly dramatic yachting season." Others, a lifetime of being that one person from that show someone loved (or loved to hate). 

As the series' pre-Daisy chief stew Jenna MacGillivray joked on Instagram, "I heard Below Deck Sailing is on Netflix. If you're new here, we go by the saying, if you can't say anything nice, ferme la bouche."

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So as we eagerly await the next charter guests that will have us tweeting and the shocking Daisy-Colin boatmance that left Gary floored ("I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't jealous," he admitted to E! News), let's veer off course just a bit and check out what our favorite former yachties are up to now. 

Jenna MacGillivray

After the first season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, the demanding chief stewardess left Parsifal III and her boatmance with chef Adam Glick behind. The Canada native has since returned to a former love—social work—and a new one: She and boyfriend Dave Cartmill announced their engagement in August 2022. 

"It took me a long time to find true comfort and happiness with myself independent of anyone else," Jenna, who riffs on love, life and travel on her podcast Wild Loner, explained on Instagram. "I'm forever thankful I loved myself enough to stay alone long enough to wait for the best person I could have ever imagined for me." The two, who were set up by a mutual friend in 2021, will wed in August 2023. 

Adam Glick

With two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean and season one of Sailing Yacht under his chef's apron, the New Mexico native set sail for new experiences—notably an adventure-based cooking show on OutsideTV. "Currently, Adam can still be found in front of the camera," his website reads. "However, now almost entirely cooking in adventurous outdoorsy settings, i.e. off a tailgate on a cliff, for a Toyota commercial."

Those hoping to catch up with the Art Institute of California grad IRL can book a spot at one of his upcoming cooking demos or dinners in Colorado and Oregon. 

Paget Berry

Though largely settled in Rhode Island, the season one first mate is still a wanderer, completing his fifth Atlantic Ocean crossing last May. Anchoring the U.K. native to the East Coast: Fiancée Johana Mills

Having split with fellow Sailing Yacht crew member Ciara Duggan months after their 2020 engagement, "I was very lucky myself to meet a 'Harbor town girl' last year who showed me the sights and sounds of Newport when I first arrived on a boat," he explained in an August 2022 post. "For me it was pretty much love at first sight, it might have taken Jo a little while after that first date as I ate 70% of the food....There is no one I'd rather laugh, life with, cry, dance, and attempt all sorts of accents with than you Johana."

Ciara Duggan

"Used to travel for work, now I travel for fun," the season one deckhand proclaims in her Instagram bio. Now back in her native Florida, the experienced first mate and stewardess has moved on from her longterm Paget romance with two new loves: "Mi amor" Miguel ("Beyond grateful to have you in my life," she wrote on Instagram) and her adopted pup Yuki. 

Georgia Grobler

The South Africa native is still partying like a rockstar and drinking like a sailor, her Instagram offering glimpses of her #yachtlife as she rode a Peloton off the coast of the British Virgin Islands, sun bathed in the Bahamas and took body shots in Saint Martin. And the season one stew is continuing to test the waters in the music industry. Having released her debut album, The Same Mistakes, in 2020, she promised last November: "New music on its waaaaay."

Madison Stalker

While she disembarked from Parsifal III, the Michigan native didn't leave behind the lifestyle. The "professional chief stew, amateur cheese enthusiast," as she's dubbed herself in her Instagram profile, summarized her 2022 in a January post: "12 countries. 11 states. 3 continents. 1 ending of the year I will never forget. To everyone that has made this year magical, here's to the next."

That list includes boyfriend Greg Liuzzo, whom she started dating after a romance with Below Deck Mediterranean star Rob Westergaard.

Natasha De Bourg

Looks like the season two chef's gamble really paid off. "What people don't know is that I went on Below Deck as a bet with one of my friends," the Trinidad native admitted to Island Origins Magazine in November 2022. In the years since her showdowns with chief stew Daisy Kelliher, she's continued to keep things fiery, appearing as a juror on the Jamaican television series Maggi Food Court, writing a memoir and launching her own series, Cooking With the Classy Chef

And when she has downtime, no surprise, "I love traveling," she told Island Origins, "because it kind of opens up my thinking to see why people eat the way they eat."

Dani Soares

No chance the Brazil native will forget her time as a stew on Parsifal III: After wrapping the boating season, Dani learned she was expecting a baby with deckhand Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux. (Though Jean-Luc insisted on a paternity test, Dani was never in doubt, famously sharing on the season two reunion, "Well, let's put it this way, this baby was made during the season while we had cameras 24/7 with us and I only slept with one guy, so…")

Now living in Sydney where she works as a nursing student, Dani doesn't mention her former flame on her Instagram page, but happily posts about now-22-month-old Lilly. As she wrote in one April post, "One day someone walks in your life and you don't know how you ever lived without them."

Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux

Still living that yacht life, the North Carolina native uses his Instagram page to share glimpses of his travels in St. Barts, the Bahamas and Panama. Revealing in January 2022 that a DNA test had confirmed he was Lilly's father, he noted, "Dani and I have been working and communicating together to the best of our ability; given Dani is a full time mother and worker, and I being gone for extended periods of time not knowing when I will step back on land. This is imperative for the sake of our daughter as she needs both parents in her life."

While his toddler has yet to grace his feed, he did highlight one special lady, writing of girlfriend Jennifer in March, "My parents always talked about that one person walking into your life and changing it for the better. I just never knew who the person was until now."

Alli Dore

Though she technically left the Bravo series in her wake after season two, the stewardess continues to test the waters, often discussing new episodes on the Pita Party podcast she shares with Daisy and Dani, as well as on her and Daisy's Beneath the Surface series. Settled back in her native Australia, she also fills her feed with snapshots of "my little water baby," son River that she welcomed with Benny Thompson in August 2021. 

Gabriela Barragan

Leaving her position as second stew in the middle of season three did little to take the wind out of the San Diego native's sails. Post-show, she joined Below Deck alum Wes O'Dell's team as his first mate—and girlfriend. "He's working with me, and I couldn't appreciate it more," she shared on the Gangplank Report podcast in April 2022. "He's super behind me getting my captain's license. He's teaching me everything he knows, and he's super knowledgeable about sailing."

Currently based back in her California hometown, Gabriela is still offering Instagram followers a peek at her #yachtlife.

Marcos Spaziani

Having whipped up everything from molecular gastronomy dishes to a freaking wedding cake in Parsifal's tiny kitchen, the Venezuela-born chef left season three with a whole menu of options to choose from. In addition to running Marlou, a fusion spot with co-owner Louis Hu in downtown Los Angeles and their soon-to-open Marlou Lounge, he revealed on the 2022 reunion that he has a contract with UCLA "cooking for 1,600 people per day. So, yeah, I'm pretty booked all the time."

As he put it in a New Year's Day post, "Last years was one of biggest years of my life !!!"

Kelsie Goglia

Season three's delightfully low-key deckhand is still charting her own course, giving Instagram followers a look at the travels that have taken her everywhere from French Polynesia to Croatia. (A trip to Ibiza even saw her reunite with castmates Ashley Marti and Barnaby Birkbeck.)

Currently stationed in the British Virgin Islands, she wrote in a March 27 post, "think I'll stay."

Ashley Marti

After a season spent flirting and fighting with first mate Gary King, the New York native decided to dive into a new adventure. Teasing the launch of her Only Fans page, she wrote, "Come see a whole different side of me."

Though she's currently based in Miami, after spending time in Southern California with pal Kelsie, she wrote on Instagram March 7, "How long until Kels convinces me to move to San Diego…best weekend with the best people."

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