Ashlee Simpson Shares Insight Into Relationship With Mother-in-Law Diana Ross

Ashlee Simpson turned up the sunshine by sharing a glimpse into how close her and Diana Ross are after marrying her son Evan Ross in 2014: "She's very encouraging."

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We L.O.V.E. Ashlee Simpson and Diana Ross's close-knit bond.

As Ashlee—who wed Diana's son Evan Ross in 2014—recently explained, she and the music icon have formed a musical relationship since becoming relatives.

"It's nerve-wracking at first playing music for anyone when it's new," the 38-year-old said during a Jan. 10 appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show. "But definitely her! You're like, 'Oh please like it.' Definitely butterflies—but she's such a wonderful mother-in-law." 

So, when it came to giving her musical expertise on her daughter-in-law and son's 2018 EP Ashlee + Evan, Diana was all in. 

"She's very encouraging," Ashlee told host Jennifer Hudson. "She helped us on the album."

And as if the 78-year-old singer couldn't get any more sweeter, Ashlee recalled the major part Diana played during her and Evan's nuptials nearly a decade ago.

"She married us," the Melrose Place alum said. "Then she surprised us by singing for us."

Cutest Pics of Ashlee Simpson-Ross and Evan Ross' Kids

These days, it looks like Ashlee and Evan's daughter Jagger, 7, is following in the family footsteps and has found her own love for music.

"She's a little star already," Evan exclusively told E! News in 2018. "It's crazy. She's a star."

Ashlee—who also shares Ziggy, 2, with Evan and Bronx Wentz, 14, with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz—echoed her hubby's sentiments, noting how Jagger looks up to Diana.

"She's into her Ami [Diana]," Ashlee shared. "She wants the sparkles and the microphone!"

The Jennifer Hudson Show

And Evan knows that if the time came and Jagger did decide to pursue music, dad may not really have a say.

"100%. 1000%," Evan added. "I don't know if we have a choice in the matter."

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