Check Out the Pam and Tommy Cast Compared to the Real-Life Players They Portray

Pam and Tommy, starring Lily James, Sebastian Stan and others, premiered Feb. 2 on Hulu. Take a look at the actors' incredible transformations here!

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Our eyes have finally been opened to the wildly true story behind Hollywood's most famous sex tape.

Hulu's new limited series Pam and Tommy, created by Robert Siegelnabbed multiple 2022 Emmy nominations and for good reason. The series, which premiered in Feb., had us doing double-takes as we watched Lily James and Sebastian Stan as actress Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee

Pam and Tommy follows the eponymous couple and their 1990s whirlwind romance—they got married after knowing each other for only 96 hours—which culminated in the bombshell leak of their honeymoon sex tape.

And Lily's and Sebastian's aren't the only shockingly accurate transformations in the series. Seth Rogen appears as Rand Gauthier and Nick Offerman stars as Uncle Miltie, the pair who leaked the honeymoon recording.

It's no surprise this cast looks just like the real-life players it portrays, as Lily had to undergo a four–hour physical transformation every day, which included hair, makeup, prosthetics and wardrobe, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Pamela Anderson's Legendary Romantic History

From Lily as Pamela to Nick as Uncle Miltie, scroll through to see the incredible transformations for yourself.

Lily James and Pamela Anderson

A lot of work went into turning Lily James into Pamela Anderson

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, James explained that she spent hours every day getting ready for her close up. "I was in the makeup chair at 3:30 a.m., and there would be this four-hour process to get me into the Pamela look," she said. "Eyes, wig, teeth, there was just a whole process."

Aside from hair and makeup, James also said that she had a personal trainer and watched a lot of interviews of Anderson to perfect her voice. 

Sebastian Stan and Tommy Lee

From the tattoos and chains to the white tank top, Sebastian Stan pulled off a pretty spot–on Tommy Lee. 

Pepi Sonuga and Melanie

Though they don't share much of a resemblance, Pepi Sonuga's style mirrors Melanie's in the series.

Melanie is an American singer–songwriter who was awarded Billboard's No. 1 Top Female Vocalist in 1972.

Nick Offerman and Uncle Miltie Ingley

With their similar build and hair coloring, Nick Offerman could pass as a young Uncle Miltie Ingley.

Mike Seely and Hugh Hefner

Unlike Lily, Mike Seely didn't have to undergo four hours of hair and makeup to pull off Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner

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