18 Times Jason Biggs and Wife Jenny Mollen Were #CoupleGoals

American Pie alum Jason Biggs and writer-actress Jenny Mollen have one of the sweetest Hollywood love stories—and yes, they met on set! See the Cash At Your Door host's adorable romance.

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Jason Biggs is the leading man of Hollywood's most adorable love story: his own! 

The American Pie star first met actress Jenny Mollen while co-starring together in My Best Friend's Girl. While Jason's character didn't end up with the leading lady onscreen, he fell head over heels on set for Jenny. Jason proposed six months later, and the couple tied the knot soon thereafter in April 2008.

The happily married duo later welcomed two sons Sid and Lazlo, and have continued their working relationship co-hosting game show My Partner Knows Best and even becoming Bachelor Nation commentators appearing on Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season and Bachelor In Paradise After Show

From hiring a prostitute (really!) to supporting one another through sobriety and postpartum depression, Jenny and Jason are truly #CoupleGoals through thick and thin.

"She is insanely beautiful, insanely funny, insanely talented, and insanely insane," Jason gushed about Jenny in an Instagram birthday tribute on May 30. "She is the best mom and a better than average wife. Every year that goes by I fall even more in love with her. Feliz cumpleanos @jennymollen. I'm so lucky you were born."

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See the Cash At Your Door host's best relationship moments with wife Jenny below. And who knows, maybe she'll stop by the game show when it premieres on E! next week on Tuesday, Aug. 31!

Jason Biggs First Fell for Jenny Mollen on Set

Jason Biggs knew Jenny Mollen was "the one" after co-starring together in My Best Friend's Girl in 2007. After just six months of dating, Jason proposed and the couple tied the knot in April 2008. 

They're Each Other's "Loves Of Their Lives"

Jason wrote a beautiful tribute to wife Jenny for her birthday in May 2018. "Happy birthday to my baby momma, the love of my life, and the craziest Gemini in the land," Jason captioned. "Flowers, card, dinner, gift, gluten-free cupcakes, and flying in her best friend from LA as a surprise are all nothing unless you share your birthday love on social media. So, my work is now done. HBD Jenny."

An Autocorrect Error Led to Jason's Nickname

Jenny adorably shared on The Drew Barrymore Show in May 2021 that she often calls Jason "Jadon" on Instagram after her phone autocorrected his name. "I would write Jason and the phone would say Jadon, and then I would start doing it because I'm always referred to as 'Jason Biggs' wife' and I liked it because it's sort of my way of being a little disrespectful to him," Jenny joked. "And so I'm like, putting him in his place. No, on Instagram, you're my husband." 

Adventures in Parenting

The couple are parents to two boys, Sid (born in 2014) and Lazlo (born in 2017). However, Jason isn't counting out baby no. 3 just yet. "As soon as I get my third, my girl, then I'm going to retire," Jason joked to People in 2018. 

Amateur Night Prepped Them For Parenthood

OK, so maybe not all parents-to-be have misadventures involving prostitutes like in the 2016 comedy Amateur Night. But, Jenny did play Jason's onscreen pregnant wife in the hilarious flick one year before giving birth to their second child, Lazlo.

A-List "Family" Outings

Jenny and Jason had a special meet-and-greet to introduce then-baby Lazlo to "grandpa" Eugene Levy, who famously played Jason's father in the American Pie movies. "Laz's first LOL," Jason captioned on Instagram in Jan. 2018. "I couldn't make him laugh, so I had to bring in the big guns." Jenny adorably is holding tot Lazlo as the whole family chuckles along! 

Sitcom Power Couple

Jason starred opposite Jenny in an adaptation of her memoir, I Like You Just the Way I Am. The hilarious sitcom centered on a wife (Jenny) struggling to keep it together while her loving husband (Jason) is along for the ride. Busy Philipps and Sharon Lawrence co-starred in the series that only lasted for one season. 

Co-Hosting Game Show My Partner Knows Best

It's the Newlywed Game, times 10! Jason and Jenny proved that they really are the dynamic duo while co-hosting Lifetime game show My Partner Knows Best in 2018. "It's incredibly hard to work together," Jenny deadpanned on TODAY while promoting the series. "Just like any marriage, we just wanted to really test the boundaries of our love." 

Jason Is Jenny's "Muse"

The author and food blogger thanked husband Jason for being her "absolute favorite" on his b-day on May 12, 2021. "Happy Birthday to my forever partner, mentor and muse," Jenny shared on Instagram. "Sorry I posted so many pictures of you on Ambien."

Jenny Is Honest About "Stalking" Jason's Ex

Jenny penned an article about "stalking" Jason's ex-girlfriend. Jason admitted that it was a "very, very funny chapter" in both their lives and later, Jenny's books. "We change and we grow up and have kids and the girl you stalked has kids," Jason joked to Us Weekly. "We're changing and we're just kind of growing up, and for her, she felt like she needed to say something about that she's not that person anymore." 

Bachelor Binge Buddies

While Jenny co-hosted the Bachelor In Paradise After Show with Chris Harrison back in 2015, she and Jason still binge their favorite reality shows together. "I put ESPN on right now to give the impression to the folks at home that I watch sports, but really this is where we watch The Bachelor and Real Housewives," Jason quipped during a People home tour in 2019.

Labor Of Love

The parents of two know that marriage is truly a labor of love. Jason and Jenny stopped by Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette in 2019 to prep the male suitors on how to really treat a pregnant woman. Hint: giving birth is not as fun as it sounds!

They Celebrate Jason's Sobriety

Jason marked one year sober in Oct. 2018 and took to social media to open up about his struggle with alcohol and drug dependency. "I first tried to get sober over 5 years ago, when the weight of my obsession with booze and drugs became too heavy for me to handle," Jason wrote. "Turns out this s––t is hard. After some fits and starts, I've managed to put together one year of sobriety. I'm as proud of it as anything in my life. If you're struggling, know there's help. Don't be ashamed. We can do this." 

Jenny similarly shared a tribute to her husband: "So proud of my husband today," Jenny captioned for his milestone. "Congrats baby. I know how hard you work. I see you. I love you. Thank you for your fight." 

Jenny Keeps It Real About Motherhood

This couple stands by each other no matter what. Writer-actor Jenny had no problem giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at motherhood, and thanking her husband Jason for his support. "You'll be shocked how fast you can just wake up one day and be in the darkest place and think, 'What's wrong with me? I'm a new mom. I should be so happy.' Everybody else is telling me how lucky and happy and amazing things are," Jenny shared on Instagram Stories in 2017. "Don't buy into that s––t. If you feel bad, please get help."

Feelin' Frisky
Jenny and Jason's passion for one another still runs deep...even if it's a little NSFW! "When people ask what it was like having actors as parents," Jenny joked on Instagram with a makeout pic of her and Jason, and their kids only a few feet away.
Jenny also famously revealed in her memoir I Like You Just the Way I Am that she hired a prostitute for Jason's birthday, but the American Pie star couldn't perform during the planned threesome. "[The] prostitute wasn't engaging with my wife the way I hope she would, so it all kind of fell apart, and the rest is in the book," Jason said on The View in 2014, as reported by Page Six.
They're Listening!

The former SiriusXM radio co-hosts take their own advice: Jason and Jenny work with a marriage counselor! "We have been getting along at the end of the day because we have a therapist," Jenny shared with People in Dec. 2020. "You can't work together and not have a therapist." 

Or, as Jason put it, "You've got to do it as a preemptive strike."

They Somehow Had More Sex During Quarantine

These lovebirds just can't keep their hands off of each other—even after over a decade of marriage! Jenny hilariously confirmed that she was "having more sex" with husband Jason during the coronavirus pandemic, which helped keep both of their minds' off of quarantine. "Luckily this has been a real bonding experience for us," Jenny told Us Weekly in Aug. 2020. "And I think it's brought us closer. So there's more intimacy in our relationship than ever. And it feels good."

Many More Decades of Marital Bliss Ahead

Jason celebrated his ten-year wedding anniversary with Jenny on April 22, 2018. "Ten years ago today I made the best decision of my life," Jason penned. "One decade down, about 5 or 6 to go. I love you." 

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