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Lookin' good, mama!

New York Times best-selling writer and actress Jenny Mollen, who is married to actorJason Biggs, showed the difference 33 weeks (and a bun in the over) can do.

The expecting personality took to her Instagram yesterday and posted a split of herself at 0 weeks pregnant next to herself at 33-weeks pregnant (8-months pregnant), wearing the same bra and a pair of tiny undies.

Along with the dramatically different-looking images, Mollen, whose handle is JennyandTeets2, joked, "Can I just keep the boobs? #33weekspregnant #melasmamustache #placentaprevia #purplenipples."

The 38-year-old is known for her sense of humor and her ability to keep it real no matter what—and Friday's post was certainly no different for the Live Fast Die Hot writer.

What's that disease called where you step into a bodega and immediately acquire a thick East coast accent?

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This will be Mollen and Biggs' second child. They have a son named Sidd, who was born in February 2014

After her son's birth, Mollen took to social media to share a snap of her baby boy (and a few jokes as well), writing, "Sid Biggs. Full head of hair, huge penis, 10k twitter followers. #babybiggs."

At the time, she added, "Mom is doing great and a fan of dilaudin."

During her first pregnancy, Mollen was filmed by Biggs throughout her labor, documenting everything from the 3 a.m. car ride to the hospital to the baby's arrival around 5 p.m. the following day. One clip even shows Mollen just before she gets an epidural…ouch!

The quirky twosome have been known for their candid portrayal of pregnancy and parenting, so we have a feeling that documenting baby No. 2's birth will be no different!

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