How 90210 Co-Stars AnnaLynne McCord & Shenae Grimes Moved Past Their 13-Year Feud

By Samantha Bergeson May 28, 2021 6:14 PMTags

AnnaLynne McCord really is an open book. 

The 90210 star let it all hang out when dishing on former co-star Shenae Grimes with E! News' Daily Pop co-host Justin Sylvester on May 28.

The duo were previously in a 13-year feud that ignited on set, but McCord and Grimes have since moved on—and even become close friends. "Listen, we did hate each other for fives years," McCord joked exclusively this morning. "I did want to smash her in the face sometimes, and I did talk a lot of S-H-I-T about her. And now we're fine because people can grow, people can elevate, people can change." 

Grimes and McCord debuted podcast Unzipped on May 12 to encourage others who don't see eye to eye to similarly bury the hatchet. "People do still fight and that's one of the points of our whole thing here with Unzipped is, come unzip with us," McCord explained. "In a culture that has a lot of shame going on, we're trying to talk about redemption." 

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So how exactly did McCord and Grimes move past their long-running feud? "We literally never spoke about our feud until the night before the podcast," McCord revealed. "I was like, 'Did you remember when this happened?' And she was like, 'That's the reason that I hated you.' And I was like, 'Wait what? I wasn't even a part of this, are you kidding me?' And we literally hashed it out the next day on the podcast for the first time in 13 years."


McCord's latest movie Feral State also challenges her former persona of playing a "salacious bad girl," as McCord laughed. "I've always played the bad girl, as you know," she told host Sylvester. "You have to find the nuance with good people but [my character] does have a little twist in there...You don't expect what Detective Ellis is up to behind the scenes."

Last month in April 2021, McCord bravely opened up about her Disassociate Identity Disorder diagnosis. McCord gave fans more insight into her experience living with D.I.D. and the stigmas surrounding the disorder. "You can still have a beautiful life after a diagnosis, after trauma, after these things," McCord explained. "D.I.D. was wrongfully labeled Multiple Personality Disorder, which is why I'm speaking out about it because my industry is the one that screwed everybody up on it. I'm not a bunch of different personalities. I'm not suddenly British with tea at high noon." 

McCord discussed that D.I.D. was "fragmented parts" of her identity following severe trauma. "My mind wanted to protect me," the star said during Mental Health Awareness Month. "So many mental health things are protection-based and the coping mechanisms actually don't help us anymore. So getting the help you need...For me it was realizing there were extremes in my life. I was extremely sexual and then come to find out I had sexual abuse trauma. When you look at extremes, that's when you know there's something up."

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Feral State is available in select theaters and on VOD starting today, May 28.

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