Is Romance Brewing Between Audrina Patridge and Brody Jenner? They Address Their Undeniable "Chemistry"

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Audrina Patridge & Brody Jenner speculate on if their "chemistry" will lead to something more on the upcoming second season of The Hills: New Beginnings.

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Watch: Audrina Patridge & Brody Jenner Unpack That Kiss on "The Hills"

Brody Jenner admits there's a "lot of love" between him and Audrina Patridge, but is there enough to build a relationship?

Well, judging by their recent conversation with E! News, that question will be put to the test on the upcoming sophomore season of The Hills: New Beginnings. In the trailer, Audrina talks to Whitney Port about her love life, sharing, "Well, Brody and I, we did kiss." This, of course, caused fans to speculate about the nature of Brody and Audrina's relationship.

As Audrina explained, "I think, everyone, once they watch the episodes you'll really get to see what's going on."

She described getting closer to Brody as both "exciting" and "nerve-wracking" at the same time, but kept the spoilers to herself. "I don't want to ruin it for you, but you'll have to wait and see."

There was Audrina's lip-locking confession in the trailer though, which didn't seem to be all that special based on Brody's lackluster response. When questioned about his smooch with Audrina, he simply said, "I don't even remember really kissing her. Did we kiss? I don't know."

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But, that's not all he had to say about the single mom. In his opinion, they "definitely have chemistry," saying, "Audrina and I have always had a very, I mean, we love each other. There's a lot of love there."

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He added that when The Hills cast gets together, they're the two people who are "always up the latest, hanging out, talking." 

But, like Audrina, he hesitated to explain what exactly transpires throughout season two, simply saying fans will get to "see us kind of go down that road."

As for his friendship with ex-wife, Kaitlynn Carter, the bachelor said they remain "really close friends," even after their divorce. He added, "When you spend six years with somebody, to walk away from it and not be friends—I think that'd be a waste."

According to Brody, cameras were rolling as the exes delved into the reasons behind their split, but don't expect any drama. He said she's "moved on" and it's "awesome."

The Hills: New Beginnings returns to MTV on May 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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