Newly Single Kaitlynn Carter Says She Joined The Hills to Be Closer to Brody Jenner

MTV reality star star addresses certain co-stars in a live podcast with Whitney Port

By Mike Vulpo, Amanda Williams Aug 16, 2019 5:11 PMTags

One can never predict what will happen once you sign up for reality TV.

As viewers get a front-row seat into Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter's life this season on The Hills: New Beginnings, it's safe to say the couple had their hesitations about joining the MTV reboot.

"We took so long to decide to do the show or not. Probably Spencer Pratt approached us about it two years ago and he has been wanting to do it since it ended. It was an automatic ‘no.' Also because it wasn't really real," Kaitlynn shared during a live taping of Whitney Port's podcast With Whit at The Park at The Grove. "It was Spencer throwing out ideas and we were like that is not ever going to happen. Boy was I wrong."

As it turned out, Kaitlynn's mind began to change when she received a message from Whitney who convinced her to take a chance.

"Originally, we thought it was kind of a crazy idea for Brody to be back on TV or for me to be on there in the first place because it's out of my comfort zone," she shared. "The decision was really for us to be able to spend time together. He was always on the road DJing and I was always on the road with work with Foray. This was a project that we could do together."

Throughout the season, viewers have watched Kaitlynn and Brody disagree on certain topics including having kids. And earlier this month, E! News confirmed that the couple was going their separate ways after a year of marriage.

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Since then, photos have surfaced of Kaitlynn getting close with newly single Miley Cyrus. As for Brody, he's been spotted hanging out with model Josie Canseco.

As for what the future of The Hills: New Beginnings hold for Kaitlynn, she continues to follow the philosophy of being "authentic."

And while more drama is coming this season, the selfé founder says she got along with the cast—well, most of them.

"I kind of expected to really like everybody and I did, but it got a little dirtier than what I was expecting, with Spencer obviously. Him and I don't really click anymore," she teased. "It's weird because we did for so long. That's the only person that I would say."

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV. And listen to Whitney's full interview with Kaitlynn when her podcast episode is released August 28.