Why Shenae Grimes Beech “Hates” the Name She Picked For Unborn Son

Shenae Grimes Beech said she's "genuinely terrified" of naming her unborn son, but her husband Josh is really packing on the pressure. Here's why she's so conflicted about the dilemma.

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It's a name not even a mother could love. Shenae Grimes Beech, who is pregnant with baby No. 2, revealed she and husband Josh Beech have already selected a baby name, but the problem is she's totally not feeling it. 

In fact, the actress, 31, confessed she hates the name they chose and is "genuinely terrified" of naming her son, according to a March 30 blog post for The Damn Thing, titled "I hate my baby's name." 

"We actually did land on a name immediately," she wrote. "As soon as we found out the gender, we started talking names and that same day we had one we were sold on. We told all of our family members and everyone LOVED it."

After her family started referring to her unborn son by this undisclosed name, Shenae realized it was a "BIG MISTAKE."

"I know I said it was his name and I liked it when we wrote it on a piece of paper and said it aloud amongst ourselves, but now …not so much," she continued. "Something about the way it came out of other people's mouths just felt off. I loved it. I loved that everyone else loved it, but I hated hearing them say it. Which would likely become an issue over time." 

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So, she admitted, "Just as quick as we'd landed on that name, I now wanted to throw it as far away as possible. That was not my child's name." 

The couple went back to the drawing board, over and over. As the 90210 alum described, they would try on different names for size each week. Shenae wrote, "We basically give the baby a new name and reference him by that name out loud all week long to see how it sits in our mouths and out in the world." 

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They've been using one name for a couple weeks that they both "like," but she's still unsure about the whole dilemma. When they share the short list with close friends and family, everyone still votes for that first name, which is only making her "second guess my judgement" even more.

The Detail actress explained, "I'm only about halfway through this pregnancy, so I know I still have months before the decision needs to be made, but I can't help but feel panicked about it. We've rattled through a long list of awesome names that fit the vibe of our family and nothing has jumped out as being his name."

It sounds like Josh really wants her to decide on their son's moniker ASAP. As Shenae said, "My husband is adamant about landing on a name sooner rather than later (like yesterday, ideally) and I'm in no mental state to do so! I have a major case of baby brain x 100, because I'm juggling life, work, pregnancy and looking after a toddler full time. I simply do not have the mental capacity to decisively name a human being for the rest of forever right now!" 

Adding even more pressure to the situation is the fact that she knows it's a big decision.

"It will last his lifetime and be a big part of his identity, unless he ever chooses to change it," Shenae wrote. "That's a lot of pressure!! I don't want to give him something I feel half-hearted about."

It's been a surprising challenge for the Scream 4 star, because she had the easiest time choosing a rock star name for her 2-year-old daughter, Bowie Scarlett Beech.

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"I was SO sure with Bowie and I want to feel the same about this little one's name. He deserves that kind of confidence. And a great f--king name, like his big sis," she said. 

Shenae gave a bit more insight into why Bowie's name came so naturally to the parents early on in her pregnancy, saying, "We spent two days casually throwing out male rockstar's names, because we knew that was the vibe we were going for and as soon as Bowie popped out of one of our mouths, that was it."

She went on, "David Bowie is an absolute legend and icon and I could think of no greater gift to give our unborn child than his name. Done and dusted. We genuinely never thought about it again. Never questioned it for one second. From the minute we said it and our faces lit up, we knew that it felt right. That was her name." 

Apparently, it all worked out and the name completely suits her, according to her mom. "Now, at two and a half, with her little personality in full swing, I cannot imagine a world where that child could be called anything but Bowie. She is SUCH a Bowie," Shenae gushed.

So, will baby No. 2 be a little Prince? Or perhaps an Elvis? Only time will tell. 

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