Sadie Robertson Opens Up About the Highs and Lows of Her First Pregnancy

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Sadie Robertson discussed her first pregnancy, the holiday season with husband Christian Huff and why it’s important to give back.

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Watch: "Duck Dynasty" Star Sadie Robertson Is Pregnant

Yes, 2020 has been quite a year for Sadie Robertson Huff too.

In the past couple of months alone, the Duck Dynasty star learned she is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with Christian Huff. The 23-year-old also tested positive for COVID-19 while pregnant. She has since recovered. 

With the holiday season upon us all, Sadie couldn't help but look back on all the twists and turns the past 12 months have brought. At the same time, the best-selling author also gave thanks for the blessings around her.

"At the beginning of the year, we found out my dad has another sister that we didn't know about so now I have another aunt," she exclusively told E! News when working with World Vision. "We had a drive-by shooting happen at our house. My sister got engaged. Me and my sister-in-law found out we were pregnant. It has been wild to say the least. It's just been one thing after another."

"Something I'm just really grateful for at the end of the year is just the rock my family has been and how we've gone through all these things together," Sadie continued. "Even though our life has changed a lot, who we are as people hasn't changed and I'm super, super grateful for it."

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Perhaps the biggest change in Sadie's life is the fact that she is going to be a mom in 2021. While she has been updating fans on her milestones through social media, her pregnancy hasn't been the easiest.


"I've had morning sickness," Sadie revealed. "I basically threw up between week seven to 17 so that was pretty gnarly but it's been the greatest—obviously not that part—but just the greatest that there's life inside of me and that makes my faith super increase. I'm just sitting over here throwing up and eating everything in sight. Meanwhile, there's a miracle growing in me so that's been really good."

Another struggle was when Sadie contracted the coronavirus. On Oct. 26, Sadie shared a photo of herself from the hospital and revealed it was "one of the most challenging things."

"It was very, very scary especially for the baby," Sadie told E! News. "I got super sick and the reason I wanted to share it is because I think a lot of young people have this mentality of, ‘It doesn't matter if you get COVID. We're probably going to be asymptomatic so it doesn't hurt us. I don't have to wear a mask. I can hang out with my friends and party.' Actually, that's not always the case."

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The mom-to-be continued, "I am a healthy person but I got so sick. My sister gave it to my parents and my parents gave it to me and Christian and had we not stopped the cycle, we would have given it to my grandparents. I want people to understand that this is real."

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Today, Sadie is feeling better and ready to pay it forward. This holiday season, the philanthropist partnered with World Vision and designed the Circle of Hope ring that consumers can receive with a $50 donation.

"It's more than just a ring," Sadie shared. "We wear stuff on our body all the time and it doesn't have much meaning but this one does. You can say, ‘I gave $50 and I am changing somebody's life.' I'm wearing this ring to remind people that hope is alive."

And before the year comes to a close, Sadie is more convinced than ever before that better days are ahead. The devout Christian plans to participate in Passion 2021, an online event that will allow participants to worship Jesus during the last moments of 2020.


"For me, Jesus is everything," Sadie shared. "I believe that God is the creator of the universe and died for us and forgives us for our sins and we have hope of eternal life. That's what I believe and in that belief, there's a lot of joy, a lot of love, a lot of peace that comes from that so I encourage everyone to share in that."

"I don't push my faith on anyone," she added, "But I encourage it because I know how much it's brought life to me."

And when her baby girl enters this world, Sadie and her husband already have big plans for her life.

"My mom always spoke these two words over us: That we would be strong and that we would be kind," Sadie recalled. "Those were her two attributes so it's definitely something we want to pass down. It's simple but it's profound."

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