Miley Cyrus’ Cover of Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” Is Pure Perfection

Miley Cyrus had fans roaring on MTV Unplugged when she performed another show-stopping cover, this time delivering a jungle-themed rendition of Britney Spears' sexy song "Gimme More."

By Lindsay Weinberg Oct 17, 2020 12:58 AMTags
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Gimme, gimme more Miley Cyrus covers!

The Hannah Montana legend took on a tall task: performing a cover of Britney Spears' steamy song "Gimme More" for MTV Unplugged on Friday, Oct. 16. 

And Miley totally killed it, of course, donning a wild zebra print dress with matching elbow-length gloves and ultra-cool sunnies. She sang the 2007 hit onstage in a jungle-like setting (and yes, her instrumentalists were equipped with face masks). 

The MTV episode, which airs at 7 p.m. in New York and Los Angeles, also features a cameo from little sis Noah Cyrus, who joined Miley onstage for a special duet. "We got so high we saw Jesus," Miley wrote on Instagram in reference to Noah's song, "I Got So High That I Saw Jesus." 

Noah chimed in, "i told miley next years gonna be our bitch and she said 'why wait til next year,'" adding, "i love you so much."

Their dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, proved to be the ultimate hype man by writing, "you're not gonna wanna miss this! #ProudPappy." 

Miley Cyrus' Sexy Selfies

And the critics' thoughts are already in: Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Hill and Sojaboy totally loved her rendition of "Gimme More."

Britney wasn't the only artist Miley covered. The 27-year-old teased on Instagram that fans will love the Backyard Session "If you dig Britney Spears, The Velvet Underground, and/or Pearl Jam." 

Miley is now living up her single life after a breakup from her "Boo Thang" of 10 months, Cody Simpson, in August. A source told E! News the reason behind it: "Cody felt like he was in a different place and wanted to be single. Miley started to get busy working on new music and their relationship fizzled out." 

No lie there; she has been busy. Miley dropped her "Midnight Sky" single, revived her iconic wrecking ball for her 2020 VMAs supershow, bore all for a stripped down selfie and showed off a risqué ensemble to tease her iHeartRadio Festival 2020 performance. At that event, she blessed us with another memorable cover: Blondie's "Heart of Glass."

Vijat Mohindra

A lot has changed in recent years. Both Miley and her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, are said to be "living a completely different life" nowadays. 

An insider told E! News that Liam "knows that he is in a better place and that they needed to move on from one another." And he truly did, as he began dating fellow Aussie Gabriella Brooks. And as we all know, Miley soon released her breakup song "Slide Away," though she later admitted she wrote it before they officially broke up.

Going forward, Miley, who revealed she got sober at the start of 2020, wants to be transparent and honest with any future lovers. She told Jimmy Fallon in September, "So, I'm freshly single. So anyone watching that's my future ex-husband, just know I told you," and she continued, "Just wear it all out in the open. There's no skeletons in the closet."

Get your party in the U.S.A. on by checking out her "Gimme More" teaser above. And don't forget to vote for the E! People's Choice Awards, where Britney is up for The Social Celebrity of 2020 and Miley is up for The Female Artist of 2020. 

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