Yikes, Tom Felton Admits There’s a Villain Scarier Than Lord Voldemort Out There

In an interview with E!, Tom Felton explained why his Monster Hunting villain is scarier than Voldemort—and shared details about the epic Harry Potter cast text group.

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He Who Must Not Be Named has some villainous competition out there, according to the dark wizard's former cohort Draco Malfoy Tom Felton.

Yes, giving Lord Voldemort a run for his, er, Galleons is none other than A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting's Grand Guignol, also known as the boogeyman and Felton's latest character. 

"The sultan of suffering, the master of menace, the kneader of nightmares...He is quite a scary character," Felton exclusively told E! News. "He is creeping out of closets and he is waiting to pounce. Voldemort is a bit more obvious. You can't miss it, can you really? But he's also probably a lot worse to interact with."

Despite the Grand Guignol's nightmarish motives, Netflix's boogeyman clearly has more fun causing evil than Lord Voldemort ever did. "He is having a ball, he loves this," the Harry Potter alum explained. "He absolutely revels in the chance to bring some nightmares to life. Unfortunately, it doesn't all go to plan."

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Even off camera, the 33-year-old was causing scares with his younger cast members thanks to his boogeyman getup. (According to Felton, he spent three hours in hair and makeup each day.)

The spooky on-set shenanigans were all in good fun, though. As he shared of his co-stars, "Most of them are big Slytherin fans so that made it easy to get their affection."

The magical world of Harry Potter has a special kind of fandom, one that, even a decade after the final film was released, is stronger than ever before. In fact, Potter lovers recently took it upon themselves to create a master list of each character's screen time. And much to their shock, Felton's sinister Malfoy only appears for just 31 minutes over the eight film's 19 hours and 40 minutes.

As for his thoughts on the matter? Well...

"I didn't really have a number in my head to be honest with you," he told E!. "It does feel quite weird that...that half an hour has lasted me quite well and it seems that there's more fans of Draco popping up now than there ever was."

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And, a spellbinding 19 years since Sorcerer's Stone first came to theaters, the cast is still very much connected—and all grown up. Case in point: Rupert Grint and wife Georgia Groom announced the birth of their first child together in May.

"I have spoken to him and he's having a great time and everyone's healthy and happy," Felton said of his friend's expanding family. "I'm over the moon for him for that reason."

"There was a Potter Whatsapp group that people jump in and out of," he continued. "I stay very close with them. It's always nice to hear where everyone is and what's going on."

There's no telling what kind of witchcraft and wizardry that we'd do to get into that text chain. For now, you can get your Felton fix by checking out A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting now streaming on Netflix. Need more to binge? All eight Potter movies are now available on Peacock.

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