Watch Lord Voldemort Sing His Version of "Uptown Funk" in the Only Mashup You'll Ever Need

YouTube group KFaceTV produced a hilarious Harry Potter parody of Bruno Mars' hit song

By Jenna Mullins Mar 24, 2015 6:06 PMTags

Stop, wait a minute. Seriously, STOP. We have the only mashup you'll probably ever need right here.

YouTube channel KFaceTV has created a Harry Potter parody of Bruno Mars' inescapable ditty "Uptown Funk." And it doesn't star the Boy Who Lived, because even though he's The Chosen One, there is no way he could lay down fresh, funky lyrics like this dude. It stars the one and only He Who Shall Not Be Named, AKA Lord Voldemort. The title? "Dark Lord Funk," obviously.

You can check out all the lyrics to this amazing song over at the YouTube description, but you should just know that we're seriously considering getting a T-shirt made that says: "Albus sent ya, hallelujah!"

Also the Harry Potter theme woven into the beat is nothing short of magical.