Blue Ivy Has Beyoncé Fans Buzzing After She Crashes Tina Knowles' Video

The Beyhive thinks Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy epically crashed Tina Knowles' Mother's Day Instagram video. Get all of the details here.

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Watch: Beyonce's Beyhive Is Buzzing Over Blue Ivy's Mother's Day Cameo

Who runs the world? Blue Ivy!  

Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter appears to have made an epic cameo in Tina Knowles' Mother's Day video, which also served as a tribute to Kelly Rowland's mom Doris Rowland Garrison.

Sitting side-by-side with the "Motivation" singer as they soaked up the sun, the duo began to send Doris their well wishes before they were interrupted by someone off camera, which the Beyhive believes to be the stylish 8-year-old

"Happy Mother's Day," Kelly said in the video, followed by Tina, who added, "Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful mothers out there." Then, the tiny voice joined in with a message of their own, saying, "And don't forget all the beautiful daughters out there, which I am one of."

After sharing her heartwarming post, fans flooded the comments section with guesses of who the voice belonged to. "That's gotta be Blue in the background!'," one fan wrote, followed by another one, who gushed: "I just love Blue."

Blue Ivy Is Beyoncé's Mini-Me

Impressed by Blue Ivy's commentary, another fan suggested, "Ms Tina y'all should get Blue into acting, as young as she is. I see her as an actress, model and PRESIDENT one day. Writer, cultural icon, orator. I'm putting it out there in the universe. BLUE IVY for President."

Earlier in the day, Tina also celebrated her daughters by wishing them a Happy Mother's Day with heartfelt posts.

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"Happy Mothers day to a phenomenal Mom !" she shared, along with a montage of her and Beyonce's sweetest moments. "She let's me know that i did something right in raising and helping to raise (Kelly) three amazing mothers She makes me proud everyday!"

For Solange Knowles, she posted a video featuring the "Don't Touch My Hair" singer referring to Tina as the "mama-razzi." She captioned the post, "I am the mama that is when it comes to my babies!  I am like all mothers I'm always stalking my children for pictures and videos And getting on their nerves. Happy Mothers Day My beautiful baby @saintrecords."

To honor Tina, the famous siblings shared some heartwarming posts of their own. Using stunning images of the matriarch from over the years, the "Single Ladies" singer wrote, "Dear Mama, I am thankful for every part of you and every second I share with you," adding, "My biggest goal in life is for my children to feel the love you make us all feel. I appreciate you and thank you with every ounce of admiration and respect."

Solange's message read: "Thank you for always being the force of our family. For always being here for each and every one of us. For lifting us high, during the times we feel low. For standing up for us and making us put our shoulders back when the world makes us feel unworthy. For telling us when we are wrong. For being such a constant light of encouragement. For keeping God in the center of it all. I love you and I'm so proud to call you my mama."

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