Tina Knowles Gushes Over "Phenomenal" Daughter Beyoncé On Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day, Tina Knowles celebrated her daughter Beyoncé with a sweet video montage of the two. See how more of your fave stars are celebrating the holiday!

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Beyonce Knowles, Tina KnowlesKevin Mazur/Getty Images

This mother-daughter duo is showering one another with love on Mother's Day.

On Sunday, Tina Knowles celebrated her daughter Beyoncé with a sweet video montage of the two.

"Happy Mothers day to a phenomenal Mom! She lets me know that I did something right in raising and helping to raise (Kelly) three amazing mothers," Tina wrote on Instagram. "She makes me proud everyday!"

In a recent interview with Tamron Hall during the Tamron Hall Show, Tina shared that while she and her family have been following social distancing guidelines, she wanted to spend Mother's Day surrounded by her loved ones so she had her family get tested for COVID-19. 

"We all got tested. We've gotten the results back and everybody is OK so I hope that we can get together this Mother's Day and have dinner together," Tina said, per Essence. "And I can actually touch them, for real."

Tina's eldest daughter also reciprocated the love as she took to her own Instagram to wish "Mama Knowles" a happy Mother's Day

"Dear Mama, I am thankful for every part of you and every second I share with you," the Lemonade singer wrote, alongside a collage of pictures of Tina and her family. "Thank you for giving me life and thank you for expanding my consciousness."

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The "Run the World (Girls)" singer continued, " I would not have been able to do any of what I've done in my life without your strength, your wisdom and your prayers."

Blue IvyRumi and Sir Carter's mom also shared that her "biggest goal in life" is for her children to "feel the love you make us all feel."

Tina also shared an Instagram post of a collage that her younger daughter Solange shared with her. "My Baby Solange sent this to me today ! I cried of course, the message is at the top and bottom," she wrote. 

Part of the message read: "Thank you for always being the force of our family, for always being here for each and every one of us. For lifting us high during times we feel low." 

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"I appreciate you and thank you with every ounce of admiration and respect. To anyone reading, please thank and appreciate your mom today and everyday. I'm sending all my love and positivity to anyone missing their angel moms today," Beyoncé continued. "I love y'all deep. Gang gang gang gang and thank you for all the Mother's Day wishes. Sending Big Texas hugs, Mama B."

Scroll through our gallery below to see how your favorite stars are celebrating Mother's Day! 

Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

"Best Wishes for All the Mother's, we're all lucky to have you. It's special day for us this year, Forever grateful to my wife for making me a Father, and taking such good care of us everyday. Best Mom and Wife and Friend," Benji Madden penned an empowering letter to Cameron Diaz on her first Mother's Day. "Wether waking up extra early to take care of everyone (3 humans and a dozen animals) or doing all the research and reading to make sure we try our best to be good parents for our daughter, she's a force of nature and I'm very grateful. 6 years together just get more meaningful and true love each day. What a blessing. For me, I think wise to remind ourselves everyday, when we have a rare special person like this in our life, not to be the foolish person who takes it for granted. Fact is, No matter what happens at work, or what the world thinks/says, Cherish the Mothers and you can't lose. Everything else you'll be able to figure out- Happy home is worth more than Gold Thank G-D for Moms. Happy Mother's Day." 

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

"Best part of my day? Getting alone time with Lorenzo!" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi wrote on Instagram for Mother's Day. "He's 7 years old, almost 8 & he definitely doesn't cuddle his mawma like he used to but today, he knew it was mommy's day and he made sure to give me his time and attention... my first baby squirrel i love you."

Colin Hanks & Rita Wilson

"Even after everything that life has thrown at you these past few years, you still can find a reason to smile," Colin Hanks wishes his mother Rita Wilson a happy Mother's Day on Instagram. "And that smile? It lights up every single room you walk into. Love you Mama! Happy Mamas Day."

Cardi B & Offset

"Happy Mother's Day," Cardi B on Instagram celebrating Mother's Day with Offset

Jenna Dewan & Steve Kazee

"At first glance this may seem like a strange picture to choose to show my love and appreciation for you on this Mother's Day but upon closer inspection you can see why it is the absolute perfect picture for the occasion. Here you are at 9pm after a long day of feeding one child and wrangling another. Here you are pumping even more milk. Here you are after two months of doing that same thing every single day. Here you are exhausted and delirious. Here you are not knowing what day it is. Here you are under a quarantine in the middle of a global pandemic. Here you are in the middle of true adversity," Steve Kazee shared a picture of Jenna Dewan on Instagram for Mother's Day. "And...here you are...smiling. Like you always do. It's no surprise to me. This is how you do everything. You smile and you make everything around you better. You have given me the most wonderful little boy I could have ever asked for. You have given me the most amazing (soon to be) step daughter. You have kept me smiling through all of this even when I struggle the most. These are extraordinary times and you are a shining example for the rest of us, especially me, of what to strive for in this life. You are an incredible mother. Our children are lucky to have you. No matter what this world brings you are always ready for it. Always with grace. Always with a smile. I love you. Happy Mother's Day!"

Taylor Swift

"My conversations with my mom have always been and will always be some of my favorite memories - from when I was 10 months old in this video from October 1990 to now talking every day on the phone," Taylor Swift wrote on Instagram, alongside home videos of when she was younger with her mom. "Our talks are everything to me. Myyyyyyyy goodness I love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day. PS for those of you who are separated from your loved ones or struggling with this day, my heart is with you."

Vanessa Bryant

"I love being your mama @nataliabryant , Gianna, Bianka and Capri. #MyWorld. You are all the very best of mommy and daddy," Vanessa Bryant wrote on Instagram

Demi Lovato

"My beautiful, beautiful momma. I'm so lucky to be able to call you my mother," Demi Lovato wrote on Instagram, alongside pics of her and her beautiful momma. "Thank you for always being there for me.. overseas, across the country or across the hall.. you always show up. You never fail to amaze me with your resilience and strength. Thank you for teaching me countless life lessons and for always cheering me on. I love you @diannadelagarza. Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there - this day is for you!! You deserve it!!"

Jennifer Lopez

"Being a mom is my greatest joy and happiness ... my biggest challenge and my greatest triumph. #HappyMothersDay to all!" wrote Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, alongside a series of pics of her children

January Jones

"Yes I'm living my best life this morning. I deserve it! As do all the other Moms out there!! And to MY mother, I love you! Treat yourself right today," January Jones wrote on Instagram


"FELIZ DIA MADRE," the music superstar shared on Instagram after working with Michelob ULTRA to surprise a few deserving mothers.

Tyler Cameron & Andrea Cameron

"Always had my back. Still do," wrote Tyler Cameron on the first Mother's Day since Andrea Cameron's death. 

Reese Witherspoon

On Instagram, Reese Witherspoon not only shared how "lucky" she feels to be the "mama" of her children but she also took the time to give her own mother a beautiful shoutout. "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! The best part of my day is when I talk to my mom. Her wisdom, her smile, her gracious laughing at my dumb jokes," she wrote. "Everyday is better when I see her face. I can't wait to hug her again! It's one thing I miss the most. For those of you who can, hug your Mom today!"

Pink & Carey Hart

"This is a next level mother right here," wrote Carey Hart of his wife Pink. "The love and attention that she gives to our children, is second to none. Her ability to juggle mother, musician, wife, and friend is crazy!! Through this crazy quarantine and covid infection, she has been the true hero of our house. Jameson has had a rough road w/ getting sick, and she has been a champion. I'm so proud of you baby for the mother and person that you are. Be proud, and enjoy your Mother's Day. And yes, I had to draw pants on Jameson since we can't keep clothes on him. I love you baby!!!!"

Dorinda Medley

"To all the beautiful, strong, and supportive Mothers 'Happy Mother?s Day!' You certainly deserve it this year. #quarantinemoms #queenfortheday," the Real Housewives of New York City star shared on Instagram after recommending Blue Ribbon Hemp for a gift. 

Meghan King

"I wasn't looking forward to this Mother's Day. Quarantined with 3 screaming toddlers for 9 weeks while trying to work hasn't exactly been a prime environment for me to feel like I'm earning any mother-of-the-year awards," wrote Meghan King in a lengthy post about the conflicted feelings she had about this Mother's Day. "Being prisoners in our home has killed our spirits and crushed our souls. Then add this: it's my first Mother's Day I'm spending without a partner, something I NEVER envisioned. "Families are created out of unconditional love" I thought. "Two parents weather life's storms but always remain together to celebrate the subsequent rainbows" I thought. But that is not my story and that makes me feel deeply regretful - like I failed my children by not giving them a nuclear family. But today I am refusing to dwell on mistakes and shitty situations I can't control; today I control my reaction. I miss my step-kids who made me a mother before I had children of my own and I am sending them so much love. I miss my freedom. And I mourn the loss of what could've been. But despite this I look at my beautiful tribe with pride because I am a mother to three incredible kids and I'm the only one they've got. To all the mamas out there, I lift you up in solidarity for the all the hard times and in celebration of the good times. Hats off to us today, for all the hats we wear." 

Jessica Biel

"Getting some remote Mother's Day love from my own incredible mother and my angel of a sister in law, quarantine style! Sending respect out there to all mamas crushin' the game or at least just surviving another day. Lol. Happy Mother's Day homies!" wrote Jessica Biel on Instagram

Selena Gomez

"I love this woman more than anyone could ever know.. happy mommas day!" Selena Gomez wrote on Instagram of her mother Mandy Teefey

Halle Berry

"#HappyMothersDay to all the mothers! I believe that eventually, we will all come to understand that love heals everything, and love is ALL there is, Halle Berry wrote on Instagram, alongside a sweet picture of her children. "These two are everything to me!"

Shay Mitchell

"Happy Mother's Day to all the new, sleep deprived moms," Shay Mitchell wrote in an Instagram post on Mother's Day. "To all the newish moms who are finally getting their bearings and adjusting to a new normal. To all the moms of multiples. To all the working moms. To all the single moms. To all the moms of rainbow babies. To the moms who have lost children. To those with difficult relationships with theIr moms. To mother figures in the absence of children. To all the women who are moms in their hearts but their bodies aren't cooperating. To anyone who woke-up this morning with a pang of sadness because they no longer have their mom here. And let's not forget the moms who are totally content with fur babies, or nothing to take care of at all. Wherever you are in this relationship, celebrate that today."

Katherine Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver

"Happy Mother's Day to the greatest and most remarkable Mama in the entire world," Katherine shares. "We are the luckiest 4 kids in the entire world to have you as our mama. I am so beyond blessed to learn from you and you have made me want to be a mama for as long as I can remember... You are the Queen mother to all and I am so lucky to have you as my mom."

Kristin Cavallari

"Everything made sense once I become a mom to these 3," the E! reality TV star shares. "Being their mom is the greatest gift. Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there."

Beyoncé & Tina Knowles

Because she got this s--t from Tina! "Happy Mothers day to a phenomenal Mom," Tina writes of her daughter. "She let's me know that i did something right in raising and helping to raise (Kelly) three amazing mothers She makes me proud everyday!"

Malika Haqq

The new mom is feeling "grateful" for her baby boy. "God chose me to be yours and I am better because of you, Ace," she writes in a detailed Instagram post. "Your spirit has given my life meaning and defined what love is for me, abundant & unconditional."

Kylie Jenner & Stormi Webster

"this little love of mine," the beauty mogul shares. "What a special gift it is to be a mother. happy mother's day to all the mamas."

Kourtney Kardashian

"My biggest blessing, the three that have given me purpose, make every experience better, test me, teach me, and remind me of who I am in the truest sense, their mother," the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star writes.

Lea Michele

"Best Mother's Day with the best mother in the world," the Glee alum writes, cradling her baby bump. "I love you mommy."

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

"Happy Mother's Day @chrissyteigen! Our babies are so lucky to have you," the singer shares. "I can't imagine our lives without your love, creativity and spirit of adventure."

Gabrielle Union

"Sending love and appreciation to everyone that mothers others. No matter the route, the journey, the title, we thank you and recognize you today and everyday," the actress shares. "To everyone who is feeling pain on this day, I feel you, I see you and you are not alone. You are never alone. Love and light good people."

Jessie James Decker

"Best Momma Ever," Eric Decker says of his wife. "Thank you for always bringing the sunshine and loving us with every ounce of your soul."

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