Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Her "Blue Balls" During Hilarious Chat With Jimmy Fallon

Taraji P. Henson had some hilarious technical difficulties while bonding with Jimmy Fallon over her "blue balls" on The Tonight Show.

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Taraji P. Henson just lived every Zoom user's worst nightmare.

During Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Empire star joined Jimmy Fallon from her home salon and had some hilarious technical difficulties. As the two stars caught up and bonded over their love of meditating, Taraji treated Jimmy to a demonstration of how she balances her mind.

Whipping out two Tibetan singing bowls, the TPH by Taraji beauty mogul created calming tones using her mallet. "Oh, I need that," Jimmy said as he began to meditate. "I love that. Taraji, thank you for that."

Then, she showed Jimmy her "blue balls," which are Baoding balls used to relieve stress. Aware of the innuendo she created, Taraji continued, "You know what I like to do with these blue balls, Jimmy? No, I know, there's so many jokes in this, but these are meditating balls and they really calm my nerves."

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Seizing the opportunity once again, she joked, "So I juggle my blue balls because they…" And as she was proudly showing off her meditation balls and tossing them around, her screen froze and left her stuck in an unfavorable position. Moments later, she unfroze and shared a laugh with Jimmy. Hysterical, he said, "You're frozen holding your blue balls." 

Trying his best to carry on, the Saturday Night Live alum moved along to the show's "What Are You Doing Wednesdays" segment, but was met with another technical difficulty on Taraji's end. "Now you're frozen," he said. "Am I frozen again, too?"  Realizing that there was no way around this glitch, he asked Taraji to call him back.

Once back in the chat, Taraji exclaimed, "I can see you again! Good luck editing this." Picking up where they left off, the Hidden Figures star shared how much she loves seeing fans recreate her iconic characters on TikTok while social distancing.

"That has given me so much life and just so much joy," she gushed. "And it reminds me of why I do what I do. Like, those people were definitely touched in some kind of way by these characters, so much so that they did a whole TikTok and had to learn the timing and you know, so these are characters that just really live in their hearts and that just—that gave me joy. It gives me joy every time I see them."

Watch Taraji hilarious "blue balls" video chat fiasco in the video above! 

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