Watch Niall Horan Give a Mini Tour of His House During Live Interview

Niall Horan gave The Capital Breakfast Show crew a look into his home and how he's been social distancing during his interview with Capital FM.

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Nice to see ya, Niall!

On Friday, Niall Horan gave his friends at Capital FM a tour of his house during his interview with The Capital Breakfast Show. Joining the British radio hosts from his living room via FaceTime, the One Direction alum treated fans to a mini tour of where he's been Netflix and chilling during this period of social distancing. 

"I literally haven't left this room for a very long period," Niall told the hosts. "It's just, it's strange to be on your own for this amount of time." 

Carrying on with the tour, the "Nice To Meet Ya" singer continued, "There's my piano. I call that the hit machine. There's the [television] in the corner," adding, "I've just been watching loads of Netflix and doing what everyone else is basically doing."

Another way that Niall has been passing the time is by connecting with fans via social media. Earlier this week, he hosted an Instagram Live and performed songs from his new album Heartbreak Weather.

Celebrities Working From Home During Coronavirus

While on The Capital Breakfast Show, Niall teased that fans can expect plenty of more Instagram Lives in the meantime.

"The fans are very interested in how I write the songs, how they came about," he explained. "You know, the whole concept of the album. Why certain lyrics are written. And it's so easy for me to just sit there and just watch comments come through and answer them in real time and play—like, if they want me to play song, I'll just pick up the guitar."

Addressing the recent spike in livestreams from his fellow musicians and entertainers, Niall shared, "I think everyone's just, like, using it as a time to kind of help with the craziness that's going on." 

"We know a lot of people are sitting at home so, we can just go on our Instagrams or whatever, and shed a little light because music is very good for that," he continued. "It's the only really powerful healer. And if we can do that and it's just at the end of our phones, then I encourage all of us to get involved."

To help spread the importance of handwashing, The Capital Breakfast Show crew remixed Niall's song "Slow Hands," which they renamed "Wash Your Hands," into an anti-coronavirus anthem for his fans.

"Wash your hands," co-host Sian Welby sang. "See soap dripping off those dirty fingers. No, no chance that I'm shaking hands with anyone in here. I know, yeah, I already know that's there no point shopping for lou roll. So just stay home."

Watch Niall's living room tour and hear the Capital Breakfast gang's new version of "Slow Hands" in the video above!

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