JoJo Transforms Hit Song "Leave (Get Out)" Into an Epic Coronavirus Anthem

JoJo has unveiled a brand new rendition of her hit song for the coronavirus pandemic.

By Samantha Schnurr Mar 19, 2020 1:39 PMTags

This is truly a work of art. 

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, JoJo turned her talents to her iconic 2004 hit, "Leave (Get Out)." Over on TikTok, she unveiled a brand new rendition for this era, aptly titled, "Chill (Stay In)."

Performing from what appears to be a dining room, the star belted out the newly revised lyrics while keeping the tempo by beating on the table. 

"I never thought corona could be such a nasty bitch, but now that she's here, boy, all I want is for you to use common sense," JoJo sang. "Stay in right now—do it for humanity. I'm deada$$ about that, but we will survive."
The songstress continued, "So you gon' learn how to cook now and practice good hygiene. I know you're bored and want to f&$k around, but not on me."

Stars With Coronavirus

The revamped lyrics didn't end there. "Tell me why you're acting so confused when the CDC laid it out for you. Come on, I know you're not dumb to go behind my back and hit the bar—shows how immature you really are. Keep exposure to a minimum."


Of course, reading the lyrics doesn't do JoJo's latest creation full justice. Listen to her new version above—we already have it on repeat and expect it to be a Grammy nominee. 

And, if you want more serenading from JoJo, she'll be performing live on Billboard's Facebook page on Thursday afternoon. The best part? You can heed her advice and "stay in right now" to watch it. 

JoJo's new single, "Man," is available now. 

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