Bachelor Nation Reveals Their Favorite Bachelor of All Time

Bachelor Nation reveals their favorite Bachelor of all time. See who is raving about Ben Higgins, Sean Lowe, Nick Viall and more of ABC's finest men.

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Bachelor Nation Reveals Their Favorite Bachelors of All Time: Ben Higgins, Sean Lowe, Colton Underwood, Nick ViallGetty Images/E! Illustration

Peter Weber, it's officially your chance to shine!

After more than a few windmill jokes and one shocking injury, America's favorite pilot will begin his second chance at love tonight on a new season of The Bachelor.

In just a matter of hours, viewers will witness Peter meeting 30 contestants at the famous Bachelor mansion. And if all goes according to plan, he may just walk away as an engaged man.  

"Just go in there with an open heart and be mindful that these girls are there—in general—to fall in love and you're holding their hearts in your hands," former Bachelor Chris Soules shared with E! News at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour in Los Angeles. "Peter's going to have multiple women falling in love with him—whether they say it or not—it's going to be the fact. Have respect for that and take it seriously."

Fortunately for Peter, he's had more than a few guys in his position before. And spoiler alert: They've made quite the positive impression with fans and contestants alike.

Bachelor Nation Reveals Their Favorite Bachelorette

Before tonight's premiere, we wanted to ask some of our favorite members of Bachelor Nation to take a trip down memory lane and look back on all of ABC's Bachelors.

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From the early days of Andrew Firestone and Bob Guiney to more recent seasons like Colton Underwood and Nick Viall, there's a wide variety of picks for best Bachelor ever.

But don't let us tell you. Take a look in our gallery below to see who Bachelor Nation is still crushing over.

Ben Higgins

"My favorite is Andrew Firestone and Bob Guiney. They are the models for how to do this thing well," the iHeartRadio podcast co-host shared with E! News before hitting the road for Almost Famous Live in San Francisco. 

Nick Viall

"I vote Arie Luyendyk Jr....because it's too oblivious if I vote for myself and I'm too jealous to vote for Ben Higgins," the Viall Files podcast host joked with us.

Ben Flajnik

"I probably have to go with Andrew Firestone. I remember all my girlfriends in college going nuts over him and he seemed like a cool guy. Winery owner too," Ben shared with E! News.

Sean Lowe

"There have been a lot of cool guys. You know, strangely, I think mine might be Brad Womack. He was a Texas guy and I feel like I just kind of related to him," Sean shared when supporting Bertolli pasta sauce. "I thought he was pretty good. He goes under the radar. I don't think he's on social media so I think a lot of people have kind of forgotten him. But yeah, I liked Brad."

Trista Sutter

"Choosing my favorite Bachelor is like choosing a favorite brother or child (can you tell how old I feel?!) so all of them should know they are all 'the best' in their own right," Trista shared with us. "But I gotta go with a tie between my boys Andrew Firestone and Bob Guiney. Both are all class, humor, humility and integrity."

Rachel Lindsay

"I am gonna go with Nick Viall because I was on his season and I know him the best. We have this mutual respect for one another," The Bachelorette shared while working with Ideal Image MedSpa.

Cassie Randolph

"Colton Underwood! I think it's pretty obvious why," Cassie shared with us. "He's sweet, fun, my best friend and couldn't make me happier."

Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon

"Jared and I are close to both Nick Viall and Ben Higgins, so it's a tie between those two for favorite Bachelor ever!" the iHeartRadio podcast host shared with us. "Ben was so polished and soulful and attentive to each of his girls. When you're talking to him, he's totally zoned in and engaged in what you're saying and we loved seeing that quality on display during his season. We loved Nick's character development on the show throughout the years and his true desire to find his love has always been so evident. We loved seeing Nick, who can often have a hard shell to those he doesn't know well, expose his inner mush and hopeless romantic on his season."

Jason Tartick

"My favorite Bachelor is the one and only, NFL playing, charity giving, fence jumping, Ken Barbie look-a-like Colton Underwood. He's my favorite because he's a close friend and I loved that he broke the script for what the blueprint of the show entails. It was not anyone's rules but his own rules and he did everything he could to salvage the love of his life, Cassie Randolph," Jason shared with us before launching his YouTube series Restart. "And I'd add that I love these two together, they're fun and just freaking cute."

DeAnna Stagliano

"My favorite Bachelor of all time is probably Andrew Firestone. He is so funny and his wife and family are ridiculously gorgeous!" the Moms In Cars co-host shared with us.

Becca Tilley

"My favorite Bachelor is Ben Higgins. I might be biased, but I just felt like he did a great job at handling everyone's emotions. He was kind, gentle, sensitive, and emotional when he said goodbye to people," the Scrubbing In podcast co-host shared. "Also, it should be noted that I didn't watch a full season of The Bachelor until Chris Soules' season...so I'm limited on fair opinions!"

Raven Gates

"Ben Higgins! I loved his good guy persona and the women on his season. Ever since I met him, it proved he is the best Bachelor on and off screen," the Date Night with Raven & Adam podcast co-host shared.

Taylor Nolan

"I loved watched Chris Soules' season, I crushed HARD watching him on his tractor and I thought he was really kind and warm with the women on his season," the Let's Talk About It podcast host shared with us.

Catherine Lowe

"Honestly, I didn't start watching it until Sean Lowe and I's season really and of course, even if I've watched a billion of them, I have to say my husband," Catherine shared when supporting Bertolli pasta sauce.

Amanda Stanton

"My favorite Bachelor would obviously have to be the season I was on—Ben Higgins! But I didn't watch that one back so my favorite Bachelor to actually watch on TV was Nick Viall because he's a good friend and I was rooting hard for him," the Now Accepting Roses author shared with us.

Adam Gottschalk

"Ben Higgins. He opened his heart and the contestants' hearts the most in my opinion during his season," the Date Night with Raven & Adam podcast co-host shared.

Hannah Godwin

"Ben Higgins' season was when I really got hooked on watching the show! I feel like so many people constantly compare new Bachelors to him, so that's gotta be a sign that he's up there with the best of the best!" Hannah shared with us when supporting the VIZER app. "Plus I'm pretty sure he was one of those people that were actually there for the 'right reasons.' Go Ben!"

Chase McNary

"My favorite Bachelor would be Ben Higgins," the founder of REVEL Social in Denver shared with us. "Being a local guy from Colorado, we have been able to develop a great friendship and I can assure you that Ben practices everything that he preaches. He is a down right kind and genuine man."

Danielle Lombard

"Colton Underwood really gained my respect as the Bachelor and would have to be my favorite because he went against the grain, was very clear on expressing his true feelings and went after the woman he wanted," Danielle shared with us.

Sarah Herron

"Honestly, I would say Sean Lowe and not because I was in love with him or have any unresolving feelings towards him, but because truly I think he made a great Bachelor," the SheLift founder shared with us. "He was charismatic, great on TV and kind to all the women in the house. Also because it was the greatest experience of my life to be apart of his season—so of course no other Bachelor could contend with that."

Dylan Barbour

"I'd have to say Colton Underwood is my favorite Bachelor!" Dylan shared when supporting the VIZER app. "I loved the way his season ended, and I'm sure we won't see another like it. I think he made a great a decision in picking Cassie Randolph and sending the hottest woman on the planet home. On a separate note, I'd also like to say Colton is my favorite Bachelor to play basketball against. If you see ‘em on the street make sure to ask him who won."

Corinne Olympios

"Ben Higgins—He was the sweetest! I love how sweet he was with the girls like how he made headbands and clips with Amanda Stanton for her kids! You can tell he's just a good egg," she shared with us.

Alexis Waters

"I would have to say Ben Higgins was one of the best Bachelors of all time. I mean he literally looks exactly like the man on top of the wedding cake. He's so genuine and charismatic that people so badly were rooting for him," the founder of  Hoop Nation By Alexis shared with us. "Also, shoutout to Nick Viall for all our fun drunk conversations (the ones I remember) and for introducing me to lifelong friends...and for not choosing Raven Gates because now we live in the same city."

Annaliese Puccini

"I have two favorite Bachelors: Ben Higgins and Sean Lowe. Ben is such a stand-up guy. He is kind and handsome and although it didn't work out with Lauren Bushnell, I think he was open to the process," the Bachelor in Paradise star shared. "Sean I love because Catherine always seemed like an underdog and now seeing their love and family continue to blossom and grow in the real world is inspiring! They are couple goals."

Jen Saviano

"I might be a little biased but I think Ben Higgins was a great Bachelor!" the owner of What Happens in Nash shared with E! News. "He was kind, honest and genuinely looking for love. Juan Pablo Galavis was a close second." 

Kirpa Sudick

"Sean Lowe would have to be my favorite Bachelor of all time! I love how cute he and Catherine are together and he's hilarious," Kirpa told E! News.

Derek Peth

"Without a doubt Ben Higgins is my favorite Bachelor of all. When you speak to Ben, he makes you feel like the most important person in the world no matter who you are. I swear every person who talks to Ben falls in love with him immediately, including me!" Derek shared with us.

Sydney Lotuaco

"To be honest, I didn't watch too many Bachelor seasons before going on the show, but one of my favorites and still is upon meeting him, was Ben Higgins. I appreciate his kindness and how present he is when speaking to you and that he remains down to earth!" the fitness instructor shared with E! News.

Luke Pell

"Sean Lowe is the OG! He proved and continues to prove that the Bachelor experience really can work. He married Catherine and they are two kids shy of a full basketball team!" the singer shared with E! News.

Heather Martin

"My favorite Bachelor is without a doubt Ben Higgins. He has this endearing quality about him that draws you in and makes you feel like you are part of his story," Heather shared with us. "What I loved most about Ben is that he makes every person he meets feel special and valued no matter who they are."

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The Bachelor kicks off a brand-new season Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC.

—Reporting by Ashley Lewin, Alli Rosenbloom, Beth Sobol and Amanda Williams

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