Botched Bros! Take a Closer Look at Dr. Terry Dubrow & Dr. Paul Nassif's Friendship

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Watch: The "Botched" Doctors' Best Bromance Moments

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are so much more than co-workers.

Yes, the two plastic surgeons have collaborated on many medical projects, but it's their longtime friendship that has solidified their bond. Thus, with the Botched season 6 premiere right around the corner (airing Monday, Nov. 4 at 10 p.m.), we're taking a closer look at their special relationship.

As highlighted in the compilation video above, the Botched doctors met thanks to Nassif's sister.

"I get a call from my sister. They go, 'We met the funniest, funniest doctor in Newport Beach,'" the newlywed surgeon once shared. "And they introduced me to Dr. Terry Dubrow."

And while Dr. Dubrow has enjoyed roasting his Botched co-star in the past, he clearly has love for the 57-year-old. Case in point: Dubrow promised his very best work when he operated on Nassif's incarcerated umbilical hernia.

"Operating on a friend is different than operating on someone you don't know very well. But, once I get into the surgical mode, I forget that it's Paul. I forget that I love the guy," Dubrow confessed to the Botched camera. "And, at the end of the day, I'm gonna do everything by the book and he's gonna get my A-game."

Unsurprisingly, after around two decades of friendship, the medical experts have gotten to know each other quite well. For starters, in the clip above, Nassif proved he knows that Dubrow's favorite surgery to perform is a facelift. Also, Heather Dubrow's husband shared what Nassif previously used as a pick-up line. (We're guessing he's since retired that line.)

For all of this and more, be sure to watch Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif's best bromance moments in the video above and scroll through their sweet snaps below!

Sentimental Moment

Terry was among those who received a shout-out from Paul on National Doctor's Day. "I'm very lucky to call them my colleagues and peers but more importantly, my friends!" Paul wrote. "Happy #nationaldoctorsday to all of you amazing doctors out there that help the world every day in more ways than we can count... especially in tough times like these!"

Pucker Up

"When you're at work and 5 PM hits #Botched"

Hug It Out

"Who misses #Botched already?!"

Pillow Goals

"The moment I knew I made it? When I saw this pillow... #botchedpillow #throwbackthursday"


"Stylin' on a Sunday #Botched"

Stealing a Kiss

"Yeahhhh, that's about right... anyway, who's loving this season of #botched so far?!"

Selfie Sunday

You guys like our new looks?! #selfiesunday #Botched

Soul Sisters

"Soul Sisters... at least that's what our friendship necklaces say #soulsisters #bromance #TrueFriend #thursdays"

Glam Squad

"Our version of a #selfiesunday featuring Terry getting his hair did whilst doing his favorite pose #botched."

Hug It Out

"Caption contest... go!"

Bibs and Big Heads

"Yes, I am wearing a bib. Yes, his head is that big."

Plane Pals

"Are you having a bad day? Cheer up! It could be much worse."

Suit Up

"My sidekick always blushes when he gets to have has his photo taken with me."

Quick Kiss

"Tonight on the #botched premiere we start with foreplay and then go all the way!"

Buff Buddies

"'This season is even weirder/wilder than any before' #Botched premiere tomorrow night at 9 pm on E!"

Famous Friendships

"My coolest, new friend @kristincavallari & my most annoying, OLD friend."

Cookie Cuties

"May 9th is approaching quickly... get ready for the return of @botchedtv, which means a lot more of Terry and I bickering like an old, married couple."

Feasting Friends

"This basically sums up our friendship..."

Sleeping Beauty

"'That's ok, I'll film Botched, you just take a nap. No problem.' @drpaulnassif #botched."

Selfie Inception

"A selfie of a selfie. Comment below what you guys miss most about botched!!@botchedtv."

Season Finale

"Goofy & I have one more episode for you guys! Check out the @Eentertainment IG right now to watch me go live and answer all your questions while we watch the #SeasonFinale of @botchedtv together! #ThrowbackThursday."

Heavy Sleeper

Paul teases Terry, "Comment below what funny things you think @drdubrow is saying in his sleep... #doublechin  #WorkingHard  #botched."

Sweet Treats

"Who's missing #botched yet?! Comment what you miss most! @botchedtv @eentertainment."

Fit Friends

"That one time I carried my friend and his freakishly large head up a mountain... I guess that's what friends are for #MotivationMonday."

Silly Smile

"This is literally his best smile..." Paul wrote.

Dinner Date

"Watch the corniest guy on the planet and I on @enews at 7 PM and @eentertainment at 11 PM tonight to talk about this Sunday's premiere of #Botched," Paul wrote.

Wiggin' Out

"A New Year, a new look!! @drpaulnassif."

Caption This...

Terry teases Paul on Instagram, "Photo Caption Contest....Ready, GO! (OMG you guys are comedic geniuses. Keep commenting.) IMO best one so far: "Breast place on earth."

Season 4 Press Day

"This just happened. #Today Show #botchedseason4."

Photo Bomb

"No manboobs to see here @drdubrow @heatherdubrow"

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