What Katy Perry and Chris Martin Taught Dua Lipa About Handling Haters

The Best New Artist Grammy winner shares her story with Elle

By Elyse Dupre Apr 09, 2019 2:47 PMTags

Need some good advice? Just ask Katy Perry.

Dua Lipa shared the words of wisdom she received from the American Idol judge on dealing with trolls in the May 2019 issue of Elle.

When it comes to online haters, the "New Rules" singer has faced her fair share—especially in the United States.

"They're brutal. The trolls stateside are the worst," she told the magazine. "When I was starting out, I never remember feeling hate. Then things got big, and I felt this weird expectation of being Beyoncé already. Everything you're doing gets looked at under a magnifying glass. People want to stunt your growth. They scrutinize you and tell you what you should look like or what you should do or ask why did you cut your hair? You constantly live in fear of not being good enough."

Even though the Grammy winner knows she has to be "really strong," it's not always easy.

"We're in this age of ‘Feminism! You should be supporting each other!' But it's the same people who are saying that who are also bringing women down online," she continued. "And it's the same people who speak about mental health who are also bullying others. Twitter is super-toxic. I find myself having to take time off to be able to be creative. Don't get me wrong, I have amazing fans and I get really nice comments, but you always think about the one bad one."

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Luckily, Perry gave her some good advice in terms of how to handle the haters.

"When I met Katy Perry, she was like, 'I hope you don't search your name.' She was like, 'That's what I did at the beginning of my career, and I'd get upset about every tabloid that said something about me,'" Dua Lipa recalled. "Do not have notifications on. Do not read that s--t, because it will stop you from doing what you love."

It looks like Chris Martin had some suggestions, too.

"Chris Martin also said to me, 'Be kind to yourself,'" the "One Kiss" star said. "I thought it was so weird that he would say that—what does that even mean? But reading those things is a form of self-abuse. It's this vicious cycle where you don't want to read it, but you go looking for it, then you get yourself upset. I can't let the opinions of others define what I feel about myself. That's something I'm constantly telling my fans as well. Platform or no platform, musician or not, everyone's getting bullied because everyone's got this screen and they feel like no one can see them."

Carin Backoff

Still, Dua Lipa isn't against responding to a little social shade from time to time—like when she responded to Wendy Williams mistakenly calling her "Doola Peep."

"Is this a new Kanye song?" the star tweeted back at the time.

While the singer said she found the mispronunciation funny, it's not the first time she's had to make this kind of correction.

"I've learned to correct people about my name my whole life," she added. "So I'm like, Call me whatever you want. You'll learn it soon enough, babes."

Indeed, they will—if they haven't already. This past year has been a big one for Dua Lipa. Not only did she take home the trophies for Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording at the 2019 Grammy Awards, but she's also nominated for three Billboard Music Awards, including Top New Artist.

To read the full interview, check out the new issue of Elle—on newsstands April 23.


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