Jennifer Lawrence's Best Blunt Responses Over the Years: "I'm Not Going to Apologize"

The actress recently declared she would not apologize over a video that showed her dancing for fun at a strip club

By Corinne Heller May 17, 2017 5:21 PMTags

Jennifer Lawrence feels free to be Jennifer Lawrence, with no apologies and zero you-know-whats given.

The Oscar winner recently raised eyebrows over a leaked video that shows her dancing for fun onstage in a mid-length skirt and a skimpy top at a strip club in Vienna. In a rare move, the notoriously private actress addressed the issue on Facebook. She said she "dropped her paranoia guard for one second to have fun" at a friend's birthday party.

"I'm not going to apologize," she wrote. "I had a BLAST that night."

Jennifer Lawrence's Outrageous Quotes
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Lawrence also did not apologize when stolen naked photos of her were posted online without her consent in 2014, directing the attention at those who stole and leaked them.

"It is a sex crime," she later told Vanity Fair. "It is a sexual violation. It's disgusting."

While she typically is not active on social media, Lawrence is known for her candor...and her potty mouth. And for that, she also makes no apologies.

Jennifer Lawrence's Best Looks
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So don't ask her about her diet regimen.

She told Harper's Bazaar U.K. in 2013 that when she was young, "somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn't lose a certain amount of weight."

"I was a little girl. I was hurt. It doesn't matter what accolades you get. I know it'll never happen to me again," she said. "If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,' I'm like, ‘You can go f*ck yourself.'"

Lawrence has often spoken her mind about body image as well as issues regarding the movie industry, the workplace and society in general.

"I've never understood why people have to become brats when they become successful," she told the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph in 2013. "I think you should work harder when you become successful because people are expecting more from you. Success doesn't mean that you're allowed to work less and treat people like s--t." 

And then there is her famous Lenny Letter essay, Why Do I Make Less Than My Co-Stars?, which fueled public debate about the gender wage gap.

"A few weeks ago at work, I spoke my mind and gave my opinion in a clear and no-bullshit way; no aggression, just blunt," she said. "The man I was working with (actually, he was working for me) said, 'Whoa! We're all on the same team here!' As if I was yelling at him. I was so shocked because nothing that I said was personal, offensive, or, to be honest, wrong."

"All I hear and see all day are men speaking their opinions, and I give mine in the same exact manner, and you would have thought I had said something offensive. I'm over trying to find the 'adorable' way to state my opinion and still be likable!" she continued. "F--k that."