Kill Your Friends


Avert your eyes immediately if you'd like to preserve the image of Nicholas Hoult as X-Men's Hank McCoy or Jennifer Lawrence's book-toting picnic date.

For those of you still here, prepare to be...disturbed. The actor is the star of the movie Kill Your Friends and it is not for the faint of heart. The flick is the onscreen adaptation of the cult novel of the same name, and it follows Steven Stelfox (Holt), an up-and-coming music industry exec. He's power-hungry, to say the least, and he'll stop at nothing (literally nothing) to find the next big hit and make all the money.

Seriously, this guy wants money and power so badly that he'll kill his friends for it. Hence the title of the movie. Along the way there are also some not-so-casual dalliances with hard drugs and orgies and the like. The new teaser trailer for the film (which will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this September) just hit the interwebs today and it is beyond fast-paced. So many illicit images flash on the screen that it's hard to keep up with all the emotionally disturbing plot points. But don't worry because we got you covered! 

Watch the trailer below and then see our list of all the totally WTF things that happened...and then watch it again because, well, you'll need to.

1. Hoult's narrator describes his own friends as "sharks circling." What good friends!

2. Oh, that's probably why he proceeds to tell us "they're all going to pay" right before he embarks on a murderous rampage. 

3. Office decorum consists of hurtling records as your colleagues' heads.

4. Cocaine. So much cocaine. There's a lot of booze too, but it's hard to notice amongst all the cocaine.

5. This moment. Erm...intimate.

Kill Your Friends, Nicholas Hoult


6. The nightclub the gang goes to involves spraying loads of water over the entire dance floor. Where do we find that place?

7. The girl band is literally the worst thing we've ever heard. It's not disturbing in the same way the image of the naked man falling off the coffee table is, but we sure hope that's not what the Spice Girls sounded like pre-auto-tune.

8. Another orgy. This one has bathtime fun!

9. Hoult strangles his (apparent) first friend-slash-victim in front of an adorable French Bulldog. PETA where you at?!

10. Yep, that was definitely a date rape drug crushed into two margaritas. Yeesh.

11. So. Much. Spraying. Blood. There's even more blood than cocaine, we reckon. Party?

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