What happens on the set of Fantastic Four, doesn't always stay on-set.

Before you witness all of the special effects and action-packed scenes when the film hits theatres Friday, the cast is dropping some hilarious memories from what happened during filming. As it turns out, someone has some serious rhythm!

"[Miles Teller] is surprisingly smart, but I'd say he is much, much funnier than Reed," Kate Mara told E! News before the movie's release. "He's a better dancer than Reed for sure. He's an amazing dancer."

Jamie Bell added, "[Dancing] in the gym all the time." Say what?! 

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Miles certainly didn't deny it. In fact, he demonstrated some of his signature moves that he supposedly busted out pre-workout.

Speaking of health and fitness, a majority of the cast was forced to bulk up for the highly anticipated sequel. In fact, Michael B. Jordan was always snacking on some grub in between takes.

"I was eating quite often. Six times a day, every six hours," he admitted to E! News. "When I cut from a scene, I would just scarf some food down for a little bit. Miles was on the same kind of diet."

Well, that may be partly true. 

"I was losing weight," Miles joked. "I got blue berries and almonds and celery."

As for Jamie, he wasn't too considered about his physique. Need proof? We have two words for you: Golden arches!

"To quote him, he's never had a bad meal at McDonalds. It's his favorite restaurant," Miles joked. Michael added, "They're pretty consistent." BRB! It's time for fries! 

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