20 Questions We Have About the New Fantastic Four Trailer

The final trailer is making us very curious.

By Seija Rankin Jul 14, 2015 7:46 PMTags
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Over the weekend Comic-Con audiences were treated to the final Fantastic Four trailer, and today it was released to the public at large. It includes a whole lot of ominous music and hints at major destruction, but it also raises more questions than it answers.

The road to the big screen has been a rocky one for the reboot, but it should be mentioned that a lot of the gossip and whispers surrounding the flick and it's troubles have been just that: gossip and whispers. There were reports of drama with the director, reshoots and script reshaping, and some legitimate concern from diehard Marvel fans over whether Fantastic Four could live up to their very high standards.

All that being said, we're still keeping the faith in this movie. Partly because we like to look on the bright side, and partly because we have a lot of confidence in the young-but-talented cast. (And, sure, maybe a little crush on Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan to boot.) We're going to give it a fair shot, but we still have a few probing questions that are lingering from our many viewings of this morning's trailer. First, check out the newly-released footage for yourself and then it's on to the (friendly) interrogation.

1. Will Dr. Doom actually resemble the more traditional character, or is Fantastic Four really going through with the villain as an angry tech blogger?

2. Will Reed get an I-told-you-so moment with his a--hole elementary school teacher?

3. Is this going to be more than just a run of the mill origin story? We're kinda chock full on those right now (cough...Ant-Man...cough).

4. Why isn't The Thing wearing any pants?

5. Is there such a thing as a science experiment gone right in the Marvel universe? 

6. What does the U.S. military really want out of Reed's experiments?

7. How many times will Michael B. Jordan take his shirt off?

8. Is this movie going to set up the rumored Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover?

9. How much time did they have to spend practicing the Superhero Pose in those suits?

10. Will Michael B. Jordan ever smile in the full film?

11. How bad will the CGI be?

12. Is Harvey Elder (a.k.a. the eventual Mole Man in the comics) going to be a bad guy?

13. Which character is going to be the angriest about his newfound mutations? (Our money's on The Thing; he doesn't even get pants after all).

14. Is this new (and decidedly more badass) trailer going to change the minds of all the Fantastic Four naysayers?

15. Is anyone going to miss watching in 3D?

16. What's the deal with Kate Mara's wig? Homegirl deserves better.

17. Why is everything in the alternate universe suddenly green, when it was orange in the original trailer?

18. How many one-liners should we expect? "He's not stronger than all of us!"

19. Who's going to be the best at the requisite a-- kicking?

20. Seriously, how much of a nugget is the kid who plays a young Miles Teller?