Britney Spears

Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic

Britney Spears' tour staff is reportedly under strict instructions regarding what they can and cannot have around Britney. It's not only alcohol and drugs that have to be kept away from the star, it's also junk food. According to trusted news source The Sun, "hot dogs, pizza and cookie dough ice cream" are to be kept completely out of Britney's sight since she "can't control" herself around them. Weird, the whole time she dated Justin Timberlake she claimed to have great self control around hot dogs. I do understand and support her need to be healthy, although I'm a little disappointed in her lack of dedication. My friends are under strict orders to not have chicken fingers around me when I'm on tour. I didn't make that rule; it was put into action by former lovers who grew tired of my fluctuating weight. But unlike Britney I know how to handle my business, so when chicken fingers are made unavailable to me, I make one phone call and have them outsourced.

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